Mitch Rawlins 

Boogerking is excited to welcome Mitch Rawlins to the team.

Mitch has been at the forefront of progressive Bodyboarding for a while.

His 1st place in the Peer Poll last year secures his spot as a leader of the sport and with a new Mitch Dvd on it's way exciting times are ahead.

Mitch said of the new deal.

"I'm stoked to be riding for Boogerking. It's cool to be riding for one of the boys (Toby) and a part of a team which includes Ben. He rips."


Ryan Hardy 

The Mandurah Wedge turned on what can be only described as ‘perfect’ conditions for the opening round of the EBB State Bodyboard Series held over the weekend. With a solid swell pushing into the metro area on Saturday, waves in the 3-4 foot range provided some of WA’s best bodyboarders the opportunity to impress in front of the peers, spectators and superstars of the bodyboarding world, including Ryan Hardy.

The first event for 2009 will be remembered for the great new event location, the star studded field which included the who’s who of WA bodyoarding, and the record number of entries that made this one of the biggest and most hotly contested bodyboarding events in years. With the new and old guard of bodyboarding competing alongside on another the level of competition was extremely high and provided nothing less than inspiring entertainment for those lining the rocks at the Wedge.
Some of the renowned names that entered the Open Men’s division included Ryan Hardy (Scarborough) who has long been considered one of the world’s best bodyboarders, Chad Jackson (Woodlands) current Australian Tour competitor, Tension Video Series creator Chris White (Scarborough), Lee Szcepanski (Margaret River) who is a current National Title holder, and super grom Alex Halsey (Woodvale) who stepped up to defend his State Title from 2008.
Given the short and intense ride offered at the Wedge it was always going to be a ‘barrel and boost’ event, with the judges looking to reward those that were going big and getting deep. With the swell expected to moderate during Saturday, event officials decided to push through the blue ribbon Open Men’s division on day one.
“It was important to give our best guys the best conditions of the weekend, and that was definitely the Saturday.” Said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks.
The opening heats of the day set the tone for what was to come for the rest of the weekend. Chad Jackson set about stamping his authority on the event with some huge inverts and rolls which saw the judges drop the first perfect 10 point ride of the weekend. Jackson was joined in the quarter finals by strong performances of Ryan Donovan (City Beach), Johnno Russell (Madora Bay), Lee Szcepanski, Brendan Gabel (Mandurah), Aiden Stampalia (Joondalup), Ben Vietch (Margaret River), Alex Halsey and Ryan Hardy.
“Its so much fun out there, conditions are perfect”, commented Jackson who continually achieved the days biggest scores with little effort.


Lackey The Movie

Matt Lackey is proud to announce his new self titled film project, supported by his sponsors Nomad Bodyboards & Limited Edition fins.

The film will explore Lackey’s travel lifestyle, inspirations, peers, and his own amazing ability in the water.

Lackey recently talked to Manny Vargas about his first solo project, “I’ve wanted to work on a film project for a while now. Nomad’s FSD ROAM projects gave me a real taste for it, so this year I wanted to create my own thing. Its going to be a fun project, getting both in front & behind the lens, and having Roach and Aka involved with the film is amazing.”