2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

The second day at Ferrol was a long one. 11 hours to be precise. The extra sunshine in a European Summer means that you can cash in on a good day when it comes around and today was 3 feet and offshore so organizers put their head down and churned through a stack of heats.

The day started with the back 12 taking on the inform qualifiers from the previous rounds and the action was red hot from the outset.

Australian Mitch Rawlins once again set the benchmark for the day with an amazing combo or precise in-the-pocket surfing and dominated the round.

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The SCION Jenks Pro 2009

Wave waves and more waves were on hand for the first day of competition of the 2009 SCION Jenkinson’s Beach Pro presented by Ocean Current Clothing in Point Pleasant NJ. The surf held up today with 2-5ft swell and the competition was extreme from start to end.

The easterly wind swell filled in, creating consistent peaky surf at Jenks. The swell looks like it will pick up on Thursday with more consistent chest high to shoulder high surf.

The Men’s Pro, Open Men's and Drop Knee divisions started off the week of competition at Jenkinson’s Beach, with solid crowds to kick off day one of the 4 day event. In the Men’s Pro divisions Jacob Romero turned up the heat for all competitors from the start, with his Hawaiian style airs, back flips and a perfect barrel from a spin into a roll.

Romero’s Hawaiian domination took him to the semi finals and gained him the first 10 point ride of the conest. Timmy Tilton from New Jersey trailed behind Jacob’s lead but progressed into the next round with a nice invert. The solo competing  Austrailian Matt Withar also raised the bar on day one busting a huge ARS and Inver air at the end of his heat, scoring a win to head into the semi's. 

Jeff Hubbard charged into a hollow wave after hollow wave exiting with inverts and Air Roll Spins before landing on the Jenks Shore line. Pedro Rosario (Venezuela), Armand Molina and Shea Sevilla followed the lead of Hubb. In the final heats of the day DK riders Jeff Hubbard, Jacob Romero, Pedro Rosario and Brian Stoerh also proformed well with down the line with spins and big backflip rotations passing into the next round.

The Drop Knee round one saw great action again by standouts Brian Steorh and Jacob Romeo who where both throwing their tail at any section coming there way.

Throughout the day there were some great performances by all the riders that participated.

The Women's Pro and Amateur divisions are scheduled to be held this weekend starting Saturday and into Sunday in time for a new swell! There will also be an Air Show invite only held today after the event pending conditions.

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2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

It was a cool and cloudy start to the day at Doninos beach for the opening rounds of the 2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro.

With a big swell and offshore winds forecast for the next two days organizers opted to just surf the opening rounds of both the Men and the DK.

In the first heat of the day Australian Mitch Rawlins set a high benchmark with a blistering combination of spins and rolls to finish ahead of Luis Perez (Spain). Mitch looked to be in great form and is keen for a good result here in Ferrol.

“Yeh, I am feeling pretty good” said Rawlins. “I missed a few contests this year but I will be trying my best to get points for next year so I can get a better seeding. I am keen to give the World Title a go next year for sure”.

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