2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge

It is with great pleasure that we present the 16 invited riders who will be challenging one of the worlds most feared waves. A wave who’s mission is to bruise and crush ones outer shell. This wave makes no apologies for beatings. It loves dishing it out pain; it loves the taste of blood.

It senses the fear in every rider, punishing those who show it the most. It is only those who inject shear adrenalin into the very veins that pumps ones ability to block out the mental game that Shark Island plays. It is this rider that will become the 2009 NOMAD Shark Island Challenge champion.

The riders chosen for this years Nomad Shark Island Challenge best represent the talent of today’s everyday bodyboarder, riders that thrive for Bodyboarding, whether they are tour riders, free surfers, blue collar works or just self confessed freaks. It is these people that when brought together truly perceive what the sport is all about.

The chosen invitees have been categorised into five groups:

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With the bodyboarding scene continually growing at phenomenal rates locally, nationally and internationally, IBA Australasia and Surfing Western Australia have agreed to change the dates for the upcoming EBB Pro to allow the best representation from Australian and international riders.

The original dates of the EBB Pro and final State Bodyboarding Round (August 31st – July 2nd) clashed with one of the biggest events on the international bodyboarding calendar, the Arica Chilean Challenge.

Given the fact that many Australian riders including WA locals Ryan Hardy, Brad Hughes and Chad Jackson are likely to compete in Chile, as well as 2008 EBB Pro defending champion Michael Novy (QLD) and runner up Dave Winchester (NSW) it was important to try to find an alternative date that would allow the best bodyboarders in the country compete.

Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks explains, “The waiting period for the Arica event went right over the EBB Pro dates, and the clash would have been devastating for the EBB Pro, with many big names likely to attend Chile over WA.”

The new dates for the EBB Pro will now be Friday the 4th of September to Sunday the 6th of September 2009, allowing for some great early spring conditions in the South-West of WA, as well as seeing a high profile list of entrants attending.

The 2009 EBB Pro presented by Unite Clothing & Void Wetsuits is aiming for a 4 star rating, which will see the highest points and prizemoney up for grabs in the events history.

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Toby Player joins Cartel Board Co team

Cartel Board Co are pleased to confirm the signing of Aussie bodyboarding legend Toby Player to the team.

Cartel Board Co was established in the USA in 1996 and continues to play an important part in the sport of bodyboarding. Toby joins DK legend Paul Roach among many others in a truly impressive team of hardcore riders.

Cartel Bodyboards are distributed by Turbo Surf in Australia with a niche offering of high performance Signature boards. The board range includes the Paul Roach DK and Versatile Signature Boards along with the new Toby Player Signature Range. Toby worked with experienced Australian shaper Glenn Taylor to design his new signature model.

The Cartel board range will be officially launched in Australia in July 2009 when the one and only Paul Roach comes to Australia for the DK Sessions event at Tiona. A series of instore promotions with Paul Roach and Toby Player will also be undertaken. Keep an eye out for further details.

Toby had the following comments in regard the recent signing:

"I'm stoked to be joining Cartel, It's a fresh take on an established brand. For the first time ever I've been able to work with a shaper in Australia (Glenn Taylor) to come up with a sick template for my Signature model. You'll be seeing a lot more of Cartel in the future!"