IBA Women's World Tour 

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Women's Pipeline Pro. 

In 1988 five women got together to start the first Women's contest at Pipeline. At the time there were few Women stand up surfers challenging themselves at the famous spot. It was the "boggieboarders" charging the tubes. 

As time went on Women bodyboarders gained much respect for their athletic abilities. Giant tubes were ridden, World Champions were crowned. 

The International Bodyboarders Association now heads up the world tour and bodyboarding is continually growing around the world.  South America is seeing a huge growth in the sport and the Japanese contingent has always been very strong.

Bodyboarding is a great viewing sport as the action is gymnastic in style with combinations of highly technical maneuvers. Bodyboarders are known for their strength and endurance and this “Grand Slam” double point event will bring the best of the best!

What: Three-discipline surf contest at the most famous surf spot in the world, The Banzai Pipeline. Top rated Women shortboarders, longboarders and bodyboarders take on the tubes of Pipeline and backdoor Pipeline.

When: March 31 - April 14, 2009 the best 3 days of a 15-day waiting period. Morning start 8am to 4pm.

Where: Oahu, Hawaii. The surf mecca of the world, The North Shore.
Ehukai Beach Park, Kamehameha Highway across from Sunset Beach Elementary School.

Who: The best extreme Women surfers and bodyboarders in the World.
Three-day competition allows for 180 competitors.

Event: This inaugural event brings together Pro surfers and the Girl Scouts of Hawaii in celebration of Women's leadership. This year's theme, courage, confidence and character, is a common thread between surfers and scouts.

The event seeks to inspire young women to lead healthy lifestyles and aspire for excellence in sports. These girls will be tomorrow’s leaders of their communities! 

With the help of our sponsors we hope to benefit Camp Paumalu on Oahu's North Shore in its quest to be ecologically balanced.

We are designing an educational eco friendly organic health and yoga gathering for the community along side the exciting contest of Women’s athletic abilities!

Women's Bodyboarding has grown over the past two decades to become a full-blown International sport and athlete's represent all corners of the globe including Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Australia, Hawaii, England & Brazil.

The IBA stage a series of events for Women all around the World on a variety of levels.

These events are all rated depending on a variety of criteria to distribute points towards the World Championship.

The three levels of competition include:

Regional Events
These events are smaller competitions that have the potential to grow into International events and have a minimum of US$5,000 and 250 Championship points

International Events
These events are large scale competitions normally linked to Men's events that offer a minimum of US$15,000 and 1000 Championship points

Grand Slam Events
These are the biggest events at the best venues and showcase the best riders in the World. Only established events that are deemed to be the best in that Country / Continent qualify. US$15,000 Minimum and 1500 Championship points are offered at Grand Slams.

The IBA is the exclusive owner of the IBA World Tour and Grand Slam concepts.

2009 IBA World Tour with full schedule

The International Bodyboarding Association has unveiled the full schedule for the 2009 IBA World Tour.

Its been a tricky start to the year for the promoters in the first semester with new rules and regulations to follow as well as increased prize-money for both Men & Women.

Remember that events are only 100% confirmed once the sanction fee is received 3 months prior to the competition.

With that in mind here is 2009:

IBA Tour 2009 proposed dates (WMT & WWT)*

Turbo Pipe pro         Pipeline, Oahu               Feb 17th – 27th 
                             (WMT Grand Slam)

Pipeline Women’s Pro    Pipeline, Oahu        March 31st – April 14th 
                            (WWT Grand Slam)

Katherine Melo        Santa Catarina              April  16th  – 21st                             
                            (WWT Grand Slam)

Bahia Pro               Salvadore, Brazil            April 28th  –  May 3rd

SIC Trials            Cronulla Point, NSW          July 3,4 & 5th

Shark Island Pro    Shark Island Australia      July 6th  – 26th (TBC)
                                (WMT Grand Slam)

Arica Pro            El Gringo, Chile’                 Aug 3rd   – 15th 
                                (WMT Grand Slam)

Viana Pro            Mariana Beach, Viana        Aug 12th – 16th 
Sopelana            Sopelana, Spain                Aug 18th – 23rd 

Sintra                Praia Grande, Portugal       August 25th – 30th
                          (WMT  / WWT Grand Slam)


Jamie O'Brien 

In one of the most extraordinary twists in modern Pro surfing, Pipeline local Jamie O’Brien has been granted a start in the seeded rounds of the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro.

This is the first event on the International Bodyboarding Association Men’s World Tour for 2009 and carries a Grand Slam status as well as double points towards the championship.

International General Manager of the IBA Terry McKenna says that O’Brien started his surfing career on a bodyboard as a kid before making the transition to fibreglass. 

“Apparently Jamie was into it when he was younger and still feels keen enough about it to have a start in the event. Word on the street is that he can still hold his rail in and ride deep in the barrel at Pipe, so it will be amazing to watch ” said McKenna.

“Jamie is one of the most innovative surfers in the world and an astounding waterman so I would not put it past him to blow some minds at his home break.”

“I can only imagine that this will be one of the most highly anticipated heats of the year and watched by everyone in the surfing community. It’s a bold move and a first for the IBA ” said McKenna.

Jamie O’Brien had a different sort of sandpit to play in as a child. His backyard was Pipeline and no one knows this break better than him. This is supported by the fact that he was the youngest surfer to ever win the Pipeline Masters ASP event and recently won the backdoor shootout.

O’Brien will be seeded into the rounds 33-80 in a field of 144.