2009 Arica Chilean Challenge

The event is currently on hold as a 8-10 feet swell marches towards the coast and the action is set to be awesome with the Top 16 taking on the in-form qualifiers.

There will be some absorbing battles to be fought as the front-runner's attempt to secure some valuable Grand Slam points on offer.

Be sure that you don't miss a minute of the action starting at 8am tomorrow (local time).

2009 Arica Chilean Challenge

The Arica Chilean Challenge started the day by finishing off round four. The conditions had dropped from the day before but still provided the odd 2 to 4 ft wave. Heat 4 round 1 saw Jason Bitzer (USA) taken out with only one scoring wave to Pablo Peirto (Germany) and Igor Sanchez who both where able to find two scoring riders in the difficult early morning high tide conditions.

The following heat saw a Boris Villalobos (Chile) take down yet another heat follower by Spain's Diego Cabrera who was originally on the injured list but pulled through in time to compete.

Ivan Hernandez dominated heat 6 round 4 and drew a interference against Australia's Chad Jackson during a ride Jackson needed to progress leaving David Mantellini in second place at heats end. The next heat Alberto Colucci (VEN) took down down the entire field with Francirley Ferreira (Brazil) placing 2nd.

Thomas Rigby (Australia) came through in his next heat with last minute heroics winning the first heat of round 5 with a spitting barrel to roll followed by Rene Xavier (Brazil). Rui Pereira (Port) claimed a heat 2 round 5 win over Fabio Rodrigues (Brazil) who also progressed.

The fiercest competition of the day was found in Heat 3 with Alexandre Widtman (Chile) finding every barrel that came through scoring a total of 15.84 followed by a 12.33 total score by Bruno Rocha (BRA) leaving 2x World Champion Damien King in third and out of the event.

Brad Hughes absolutely dominated his heat with a combo that landed him a 8.9 with a roll to roll to spin to invert on the right finding a total score of 15.16 and in second with a 12.17 Dave Hubbard passed to surf another day!

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2009 Arica Chilean Challenge

The competition was fierce today as the Arican Chilean Challenge narrowed down it’s field. The conditions started off similar to the day prior but improved with the dropping tide as the morning turned to mid day. Scristobal Sciaraffia (Chile) started the day well with a round 2 win followed by Gregory Wouters (Aruba) who was surfing exceptional.

Tables had turned heading into round three with some big name heat knock outs. Heat 1 rd 3 saw Luis Fung (Peru) put on a solid performance winning with Eduardo Capinello placing second. Tomas Rigby (Aus) was on fire using barrel to roll and double roll combos to win heat 2, he was follow by Matuis Muniz.  Alexandre Widtman (Chile) once again progressed with a win over Gregory Wouters who progressed in second (Aruba).

Heat 3 Rouad 3 saw Bruno Rocha (Brazil) win his heat with Puerto Ricos Jorge Colomer sneaking into second place in the dying moments of the heat with a solid barrel. Igor Sanchez (Canarias) won over Renato Arelano (CHL) placing second narrowly beating Hawaiian Jacob Romero with a set wave roll even though he was interfered with by the competitor in Black (drop in).

Boris Villalobos surfed well in heat 6 winning his heat to a Jason Bitzer who had a good opening wave which was enough to help him progress.

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