WBA's Sundowner Breakwall

The final big event for WBA girls bodyboard club is planned for October 10-11 at Sundowner Breakwall, Port Macquarie.

We have a massive weekend planned, with BBQ’s, a coaching session on the Saturday, contest Sunday, including flipper race and DK challenge, and our final presentation!

We’ve got loads of awesome prizes to give away from sponsors Milkshakes girls boards, Hive Swimwear, Riptide magazine, and Hooda. Plus a cheap accommodation deal lined up with Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park.

This will be the next and final event on the WBA calendar for 2009.

So please keep the weekend of Oct 10-11 free, and get excited to come and join in the fun at Port Macquarie!

Ben Player

Bodyboarders from Manning Great Lakes Bodyboarding Assoc. (MGBA) invite all riders to The Old Bar Beach Festival Bodyboarding Contest on Sunday 4th October.

The event has been organised by the Beach Festival Committee and the recently formed MGBA, which was previously known as The Forster/Tuncurry Bodyboarding Assoc. and the Old Bar Beach Bodyboard Club.

Terry McKenna, the General Manager of International Bodyboarding Assoc. (IBA) will be commentating the contest. Terry has been commentating for over 15 years and is the main commentator for the prestigious Surfest in Newcastle . Judges include Maurice Wakeling of Bodyboarding NSW and Garth McGregor a pioneer in bodyboarding from Newcastle.

Already the contest organisers have received interest from entrants from Sydney, Port Macquarie and Newcastle. The event can take up to 64 competitors and divisions include junior, cadet, opens, women’s and drop knee.

Professional Bodyboarders, Ben Player (2005 and 2007 World Champion) and Chad Jackson from Grand Flavour will be at the event to meet the bodyboarders. Grand Flavour and Low Pressure Surf Co will host a surf fashion parade at 11:00am as part of the beach festival and bodyboarding contest.

A free bodyboarding coaching clinic will be on offer for anyone who is interested in learning how to bodyboard. A Flipper competition will be on at 10am and prizes will be given.

Science bodyboards will be available for testing which means that anyone looking at buying a new bodyboard can test the board to ensure it rides well before they buy it. Contest organiser Melynne Rosamond says ‘This is a great idea because buying a bodyboard is a large investment for any young person and parents and there is nothing worse than buying a board you don’t like and then being stuck with it’.

2009 Sopelana BBK Pro in Spain

The city of Bilbao is an amazing place and today a press conference for the Sopelana BBK Pro was held with some of the top riders attending.

Former World Champion Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii) and Eunate Aguirre (Spain) both spoke to the press and expressed thanks to the sponsors and organizers for another exciting event.

"These European events are very important to the riders" said Hubbard.

"We are all just as passionate about surfing the small beach-breaks as we are the reef breaks of Hawaii or Chile so when you win, where ever it is, the feeling and the points are the same".

"For sure, its been a long time in between contests and the break has been a long one for the girls on the WWT" said Eunate.

"I am leading the ratings now but Neymara Carvalho (Brazil) is such a strong competitor That I will have to do my best here for a win".

"I have been training hard and I feel good. Yes, I do want to win the World Title but its a long way off yet", said the Spaniard.

After the press conference the crew went for a look at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

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