2009 Arica Chilean Challenge

The world's best bodyboarders arrived today bringing in both IBA tour veterans and new comers. All of which came to try their luck at one of the most acclaimed events held on IBA Grand Slam World Tour, “ The Arica Chilean Challenge”.

The host of the check in/press conference was none other then the famous Arica Casino (downtown Arica). Once the riders had checked in an opening ceremony to the event was held followed by an explanation what was to  come of the days ahead.

Currently the schedule is on hold for day 1 of the waiting period. After the lay day the ACC will tentatively start on Thursday the 30th of July.

A check in at 6:45 am will be held for opening trail heats of the ACC. The current swell forecast is looking to bring a 6 foot (2 meter) growing Thursday and peaking sometime over the weekend with possible glassy conditions with the swell coming from the SW direction.

Jeff Hubbard

The 2009 Peruvian Inka Challenge has been won by Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii).

He defeated local Jorge Hurtado (Peru) in the final to make history as the first ever winner of an IBA event in Peruvian waters.

Canary Islanders Ardiel Jimenez and Oliver Herrera finished equal third.

Almost 5,000 spectators lined the shore of Chilca to support the event and this will guarantee the longevity of the IBA's newest event on Tour.

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2009 Peruvian Inka Challenge

Day 3 at the Peruvian Inka Challenge saw some memorable heats and some notable exits.

A large crown gathered to see the battle of two of the sports greats. Jeff Hubbard V Mike Stewart.  This is like one of those heavyweight bouts that you wouldn't miss for anything and the locals were froathing.

Mike went for some big moves but could not complete whereas Jeff stuck with his high flying trademark moves and rolled into the quarters.

Dave Winchester (Australia) fired a warning shot over the head of his rivals with a total heat score of 19 out of a possible 20. Stephan Stamm (Brazil) surfed well but could not stop Winny  who looked sharp and inform after coming of strong performances on the IBA Australian Rebel Sport Pro Tour.

The best of the locals was Jorge Hurtado (Peru) who defeated Eder Luciano (Brazil) to secure a spot in the quarters against Uri.

Another great battle went down in the first man on man heat when current World Champion Uri Valadao (Brazil) took down former World Champion Ben Player (Australia) This pair are developing a healthy rivalry with each other and it will be good to watch it continue at Arica.

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