Ira Rodrigues in the 2009 Cobra D'Água Bodyboarding Show 

On Friday the conditions were worst than previous days due to the strong onshore wind that blowing during the entire day in Armação Beach. The waves were smaller than yesterday and the riders found conditions to be difficult.

Once more the Brazilians dominated the event and will fill the majority in females quarterfinals and round 4 (Top 16) on males event.

The day started with the round 16 of WWT and the leaders of IBA World Tour won their heats. Eunate Aguirre and Neymara Carvalho are leading the girls with great performances.

Zulu Martinez, from Brazil, was the best rider today. He won a great heat and got a 9,5 after a good right that ended with a backflip. “I’m so happy to keep pushing hard and win heats here. Now I’ll meet the top 16 and I’m prepared”, said Zulu.

Mike Stewart arrived in Salvador today and the Brazilians supporters gathered at Armação Beach to meet their idol. Mike talked with a lot of fans and after the 9 x world champion answered a lot of questions from Brazilian Press, in a huge conference.

Tomorrow the Hawaiian will debute in the event in round 4 with the other top 16 seeds. The organizers are expecting better waves for this Saturday and a huge crowd will be on hand to see the worlds best in action.

A call will happen at 7:30 (local time) and the contest should start at 8 AM. The schedule for tomorrow is: Round 4 (Men), Women Quarter final, and Round 5 (Men).

Cobra d'Água Bodyboarding Show 

On Thursday the girls debuted at Cobra D’Água Bodyboarding Show Bahia 2009. The event, that distributes US$ 35.000 and 1000 points on IBA World Ranking, happened today with some wind and difficult conditions on Armação Beach.

The current #1 of WWT Neymara Carvalho had some difficult moments in her heat but in the end she got two good waves to win. “The conditions are very difficult here, but I found good waves and I'm so happy to progress”, said. “Now only two girls will be on water and this is better for me because I will have more time to choose good waves”, finished Neymara.

Eunate Aguirre also got a good performance in Bahia. “The conditions are not so good but I keep focus and got two good waves to win. I'm very relaxed now that I can have a good result here in Brazil”, said

The men contested the second round (trials) and the Brazilians filled the majority on heats. Only two foreign riders, Dan Worley (USA) and Angelo Freda (VEN), had a good result and moved on the third round.

The next call happen at 8 AM (local time) and the organizers are expecting good waves for Friday. The top-16 will debut only on Saturday .

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US Open of Bodyboarding 

The 2009 Sport Chalet US Open of Bodyboarding is just around the corner and it will be held between 23-25th May. This year Bodyboarding will host it’s own US open to crown it’s champion on the historical Huntington Beach Shores.

The USBA is looking forward to kicking off the 2009 Bodyglove USBA Grand Slam tour at the Sport Chalet US Open. This will be a first for the USBA that we hope will lead to many years of success with Sport Chalet and the US Open.

To kick off the event Sport Chalet will host a meet and great with USBA top 10 riders such as Dave and Jeff Hubbard, Jonah and Jacob Romero as well as many other top USBA riders and IBA world tour hopefuls.

The USBA is proud to announce they are continuing their official partnership with the IBA world tour for the third year straight. This means the US Open will provide valuable point towards the USBA Grand Slam tour, which at years end the top 8 USBA riders will earn a slot into the 2010 IBA Pipeline Pro event!

SOURCE: US Bodyboarding