The Shark Island Challenge is coming. Trials will be hotly contested. For the first time in the events history the Human Shark Island Challenge will feature 14 of the elite IBA Top 16.

In the past the waiting period has been a deterrent for International competitors but 2008 will herald a new formula and a shorter waiting period. The waiting period has been trimmed down to just 20 days”, said IBA International General Manager Terry McKenna.

“This is less than half the time that the event has had in the past but we are confident that this time of the year will serve up some of the epic conditions that are required for what is considered to be the best competition on the planet”.

Since 2004, the Grosso Surf&BB Club organizes Surfusiom on the beach of Doninhos, mix music, surfing, skate and specially Bodyboard. The bodyboard is the most important part of the event and the last years Ferrol Bodyboard Pro was the top event in the European Tour of Bodyboard.

The DDK (Doninhos DropKnee) Series is one of the most important contents for the Dropknee riders in Europe. This year a new step, Ferrol Bodyboard IBATour is part of the IBA World Men Tour of Bodyboard with the best bodyboarders of the world and DK Series is a top international IBA event in the DK IBATour.


Mitch Rawlins continued his domination of the 2008 Human Pro Tour with another win in fun sized peaks at Logan’s Beach, Warrnambool, Victoria, taking out the Coastal Real Estate Pro presented by Southern Guns surfshop.

His competitive savvy was pushed to the limit by West Australian Chad Jackson who surprised a lot of spectators with his small wave riding technique notching up some of the highest scores of the day.

Third place went to Sydney bodyboarder Dave Winchester who peaked early with his mind blowing semi-final performance. Victoria’s best competitive Bodyboarder Jayden Hunt finished in fourth.

“I wasn’t sure who won that final to tell you the truth” said Rawlins. “It must have been so close between me and Winny and Chad. I did get one wider one that went all the way to shore and I stalled and got a sick little tube that went for heaps…It was fun out there”.