Itacoatiara: Brazil's most powerful beach break | Photo: Sacha Specker

Sandbars produce fantastic waves, but they're constantly shifting and changing. If you're looking for consistent beach breaks, we've got the answers. Let's duck dive and explore the most famous bodyboarding beach breaks on Planet Earth.

Forget helmets and stress. Just relax and hit the surf, knowing that only grains of sand lie under your vertical aerials. It's true that good waves love reef and coral, but let's be reasonable - who hasn't had fun in a beach break?

Let's kick off with the clock, in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) mode. England and Wales offer multiple sandy peaks along the coastline, and the county of Cornwall is the capital of British bodyboarding.


Sintra Portugal Pro: the capital of European bodyboarding | Photo: FPS/Pedro Patricio

The Sintra Portugal Pro 2014 will return to Praia Grande with a surprising new addition, between 23rd-28th September. The Pro Junior division is making its debut in pro bodyboarding.

It's one of the longest-running bodyboarding contests in the world. The Sintra Portugal Pro, which plays a decisive role in the title race, will add a special competition for the youngest generation, alongside Men's, Women's and Drop-Knee events.

"The idea is to give an opportunity to younger riders to integrate into top level competition through an intermediate class with talented but inexperienced athletes. It is excellent for many national young riders, and a perfect stepping stone onto the world stage," underlines Roman Alvarez, director of the Sintra Portugal Pro.


Bodyboarding: injuries come and go | Photo: Surfing Australia/Woolacott

Have you ever suffered a serious injury and wondered if you'd be bodyboarding again? Don't panic. Learn how to overcome physical problems and get back to water quickly.

Sergio Machado, a Portuguese bodyboarder, started riding waves when he was a young kid. At 21, he injured his shoulder and underwent surgery.

"I understood that the problem was that I had a lack of specific training to complement the impact of bodyboarding in my body," explains Sergio.