Jeff Wilcox Memorial: a memorable bodyboarding event

The 17th edition of the Jeff Wilcox Memorial will return to the Great Lakes, in New South Wales, between August 30th-31st, 2014.

The Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2014 is more than a bodyboarding competition. The event focus on building new and positive relationships, and sharing life experiences, in honor of a young man who passed away at the age of 14.

The 2014 edition will see riders catching waves in five categories: Junior, Open Men, Open Women, Drop Knee and Masters. And there will be a surprise in the judging tower.


Andrea: bodyboarding is not her favorite hobby

When a beautiful German lady turns her back on perfect waves, then it's because some hardcore bodyboarders are pulling into heavy closeouts.

She likes to read, she enjoys listening to music, and she loves to sunbath. Apparently bodyboarding is not one of her favorite hobbies.

That is not a problem, though, for a group of prone riding enthusiasts. Mark, Ruben, Jaxson, Daniel and Salomon left the Germany beauty on the sand and pulled in.


Arica, Chile: the Latin Pipeline and Backdoor

Ben Player will be defending his Arica Chilean Challenge title, the third stage of the 2014 APB World Tour hits Chile, on the 15th August.

They call it the Latin Pipeline and Backdoor. Arica is located on the northern tip of Chile, and it offers a unique cold water reef break that seems designed for high-performance bodyboarding.

The wave offers a heavy left-hander, but also a long right-hander. Its consistency and heavy barrels are complemented with a huge air arena that can easily test champions.