Guilherme Tamega: it's always difficult to pick the right colors

Uri Valadao has signed a contract with Guilherme Tamega's brand new GT Boards.

The 2008 IBA World Tour champion will be riding GT Boards by Guilherme Tâmega. Valadao was born on the 30th Abril, 1985, in Salvador, Brazil.

He first rode a board when he was eight years old. Uri Valadao has conquered five Brazilian bodyboarding titles, and clinched his maiden world trophy in 2008, after finishing runner-up in 2007.


Ben Mackinnon: training your muscles for the El Rollo

Ben Mackinnon has developed a specific physical training program for bodyboarders.

The sport of bodyboarding demands proper workout routines. You can't just paddle out and pull the most complex maneuvers without warming up.

If you really want to keep developing your bodyboarding skills, you must embed physical exercises in your life in order to keep your muscles and lungs ready for action.


Miles Kauhaahaa: a Drop-Knee experience in Jaws

Miles Kauhaahaa has ridden Jaws in Drop-Knee mode, during one of the largest swells of the last 40 years in Maui, Hawaii.

Bodyboarders keep pushing their limits and exploring new frontiers. This time, Miles Kauhaahaa decided to ride Peahi, one of the fastest waves in the world, in Drop-Knee mode.

Apparently, nobody had done it before. Perhaps because nobody's crazy enough to drop into Jaws with a pair of bodyboard fins, in "praying" mode, alongside top surfers John John Florence, Ian Walsh, and many more.