Tanner McDaniel: a bodyboard painting at The Wedge

The skinny Hawaiian is back. Tanner McDaniel visited The Wedge, in Newport Beach, and the result is simultaneously striking and inspiring.

In the past, he was seen as Mike Stewart's protégé. But the pupil evolved, and years passed. McDaniel is 16 years old, and some say he resembles Jeff Hubbard.

The truth is that the future of bodyboarding is bright and colorful. Tanner traveled all the way to California and put on a brilliant show of airs and vertical drops.

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Storm Prestwich: ready to blast the African right-handers | Photo: Bodyboarding SA

The voting has begun. The world's best African bodyboarders will upload their most impressive videos. The fifth stage of the 2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) World Tour is underway. Fans and judges decide who's victorious.

Ten riders are lined up: Andre Botha, Michael Ostler, Storm Prestwich, Wilder Schultz, Allan Horton, Jarret Johnson, James Jones, Terence Pieters, Ethan Nel and Garryd Ensor-Smith. Only one will claim the African free riding crown.

The continent is home to a dizzying array of outstanding waves and surely some tightly guarded secret spots that only the most local bodyboarders will know. Will the right-hand point breaks of Morocco prevail? Can the fast South African rollers win it all?

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Sari Ohhara: she eliminated Neymara Carvalho in home waters | Photo: Pedro Gomes/APB

Sari Ohhara has taken out the Tahara Pro 2015, held in Japan.

The Japanese bodyboarder proved she was the best rider of the entire event, and the 2015 APB Women's World Tour title race heats up before the decisive Sintra Portugal Pro.

Ohhara, who had already eliminated five-time world champion Neymara Carvalho, had an in-form Nao Nagai ready to challenge her in the three-foot surf. Up the skies, the grey clouds sent the tropical rain, and everything was set for an exciting final.

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