Sammy Morretino: three bodyboarding titles in one season | Photo: Tyler Rock/IBA Hawaii

Sammy Morretino has been crowned the 2015 Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Bodyboarding Tour grand champion.

The young rider from Kauai wrote a new chapter for the sport in the Hawaiian Islands. Morretino is the first bodyboarder ever to win all three division titles: Pro Men, Drop-Knee and Stand-Up. A clean sheet for the talented grom.

In the last event of the season - the 662 Ride Shop Westside Challenge - competitors enjoyed six-foot-plus surf at Keaau, on the west coast of Oahu.

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Magno Passos: riding a 45-foot wave at Jaws | Photo: Cuda Shots

Magno Passos has ridden one of the biggest waves ever in the history of bodyboarding. The Brazilian caught a 45-foot bomb at Jaws/Peahi, on the historic 15th January 2016.

You could easily say that bodyboarders have an advantage over surfers. They can use their hands to paddle for waves, and they can also use their fins to boost them into the largest sets. Fair enough. But that doesn't mean you're ready for big waves.

Magno Passos is. At least his headspace. The professional bodyboarder relocated to Maui one year ago, and he hasn't regretted his decision since. This time, the 31-year-old didn't need a jet ski. Despite the fear, he chose the right take-off position and aligned his mindset with Jaws.

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Pipeline: the 2016 APB Tour season kicks off inside the barrel | Photo: Specker/IBA

The list of invitees for the 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational has been unveiled. Jamie O'Brien and Kainoa McGee are some of the stars of the show.

Due to the lack of official communication from the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) - there are still no press releases and photo banks available for surf media - information flows through unofficial parties.

Mike Stewart, the host of the first event of the 2016 APB Tour season, announced via his bodyboarding company Science the names of the 24 bodyboarders that will join the elite riders in the Pipeline contest. They are:

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