Alexandra Rinder: second world title at only 17 | Photo: Pablo Jimenez/APB

She has done it again. Alexandra Rinder has conquered the 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour.

The young rider from the Canary Islands snatched a back-to-back world title at the Nazaré Pro, in Praia do Norte, Portugal. Rinder, 17, had already written a magical page in the history of bodyboarding when she became the youngest ever world champion.

But her second world title was no less dramatic than in 2014. Rinder made a mistake and had an interference was called on her decisive quarterfinal heat against Jessica Becker. With her second result cut in half, Alexandra was put in an impossible combination situation of 20.51 points.

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Ray Babauta: name his tricks if you can | Photo: PIC Saipan

Surprises come from where you least expect them. In the Northern Mariana Islands, a bodyboarding competition unveiled unimagined talents pulling off impossible tricks and maneuvers.

Welcome to the 2015 PIC Saipan International Point Break Competition, a bodyboard and flowboard contest founded in 1998. The event attracts local riders and athletes from the USA, Korea, Japan, Philippines and Russia.

The rules are quite simple. Open and Expert competitors get two 45-second rides to showcase their best moves. The best ride is seeded into the elimination bracket; winners area announced across 12 divisions.

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Pierre-Louis Costes: doing his trademark backflips | Photo: Sintra Portugal Pro

Pierre-Louis Costes and Jessica Becker have conquered the Sintra Portugal Pro 2015, at Praia Grande.

The French bodyboarder who lives in Portugal defeated the South African talent Iain Campbell in the decisive heat, held in a wind-affected, bumpy two-to-three-foot line-up.

Costes only needed four waves to claim the title. The former world champion sealed the deal with his first couple of riders, earning himself a total of 15.50 points. Campbell caught eight waves, but he never got a high backup score.

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