Bodyboarding: the sport will be worth $141.5 million by 2020 | Photo: Jimenez/ISA

A research company believes that the bodyboarding market will grow 43 percent between 2015 and 2020.

Technavio expects that the bodyboarding market value will rise from $98.5 million in 2015 to $141.5 million by 2020. The estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is of 7 percent.

The firm says that the demand for outdoor sports continues to grow, and it will help push the water sport into the nine-digit valuation.

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Morey Boogie: the black rails are a trademark of Wham-O

Wham-O, the company that owns the brands Morey Boogie and BZ, is asking fifteen US bodyboarding companies to stop producing boards with black rails.

The toy firm headquartered in California wants to make sure its unusual 30-year-old trademark is effectively respected and protected.

"We are not suing anyone. We are simply going to enforce the trademarks and patents that the previous owners did not. We are working with companies to do it in a fair and easy way," a manager at Wham-O tells SurferToday.

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Itacoatiara Pro 2016: fun waves | Photo: D'Andrea

The first waves of the Itacoatiara Pro 2016 have already been ridden. The world's best female and junior bodyboarders opened the event in punchy three-to-six-foot surf, in Niteroi, Brazil.

The waves were not big, but they were totally contestable. In the first day of competition, 16 riders earned a ticket to the main event via trials. Socrates Santana, the 2015 world junior champion, is one of them.

"I am very happy. My focus is on the Pro Junior world title, but also I want to prove to myself that I can compete on equal terms with the top athletes of the tour," noted the young bodyboarder from Rio de Janeiro.

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