Andre 'Rasta' Bernardo: from Nazare with love | Photo: North Canyon Project

André "Rasta" Bernardo knows Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, like no one else. If you're curious about how a bodyboarder attacks the wild waves of the infamous deepwater peak, then the time is now.

"Destroy the waves, not the beaches." In this particular case, the iconic 1990s surfing catchphrase is simultaneously timeless and appropriate. "Rasta" Bernardo is a rider for all seasons, a fighter for all ocean conditions.

However, it's the extra large swell that better suits him. The Nazaré bodyboarder is too radical for his nickname. André "Rasta" is clearly not afraid of heavy lips and shore break madness. He just goes for it.

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Pierre-Louis Costes: a monarch in the big air bodyboarding kingdom | Photo: IBA/Grimon

Humans are not able to fly, but bodyboarders are. Getting airborne requires speed, waves and technique. Let's learn with Pierre-Louis Costes, a rider known for his trademark backflips.

World bodyboarding champion Pierre-Louis Costes knows how to jump high in the skies, whether he's competing or free surfing summer beach breaks. When we talk about aerial games, wave height matters but it is not everything at all.

So, how do you do a big air in bodyboarding? Pay attention to the Frenchman's words. They'll propel you into the highest airs of your bodyboarding career.

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Free Surf World Tour: a new player in professional bodyboarding?

The Free Surf World Tour is a new planetary bodyboarding circuit started by Danny Bycroft and Liam O'Toole.

Professional bodyboarding has a new rebel tour. Danny Bycroft (former IBA and APB World Tour judge) and Liam O'Toole (former professional bodyboarder) have founded Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB), a brand new bodyboarding organization that promises a revolution in the sport.

"In December 2014, FSB will begin a new free surf world tour which will cover all six continents with events in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Indian and Pacific oceans," Bycroft and O'Toole reveal.

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