Lewy Finnegan: victim of snaking at the Fronton King | Photo: Jesús de León/Red Bull

Snaking can be a bittersweet experience, especially if you're a pro wave rider competing for survival. Lewy Finnegan has revealed what happened to him at the 2015 Front King, and what he plans to do in the future.

The sole Australian bodyboarder on the 2015 APB World Tour is sad and frustrated with what happened during a quarterfinal heat at El Fronton, in the Canary Islands. With 20 seconds to go, and after waiting a few minutes for his turn, Finnegan couldn't believe he was witnessing.

"I had been waiting for a long time and started paddling for the wave until I realized that my friend was powering across the inside of me only to snake the wave off me, do a backflip and get the score he needed," Lewy wrote on his Facebook page.

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Swell Hunters: charging hard

They're the "Swell Hunters," ladies and gentlemen. If you're a bodyboarder, you'll be proud of Ted O'Connor and friends. They absolutely shred.

There's surf rage, priority issues, boogie board versus shortboard drama, insane whitewater rides, high-end bodyboarding tips, blood, puking, and huge waves.

"We had our own rule. If you didn't charge, you'd have to find your way home," reveals one of the Australian chargers. However, a dangerous wipeout changed it all and left one of the members of "Swell Hunters" traumatized for a decade.

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Amaury Lavernhe: the champion will open his bodyboarding academy | Photo: Rommel/ISA

Amaury Lavernhe has announced the launch of his signature bodyboarding academy.

The two-time world bodyboarding champion will kick off the Amaury Academy in 2016, with courses adapted to all levels of experience. The rider from Reunion Island will start working with students in France, Portugal, Cabo Verde, Spain, Morocco, and Martinique.

"The Amaury Academy is a new project I'm working on since few months now. It's a worldwide bodyboarding and training school where I will share my knowledge and skills with riders," explains Lavernhe.

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