The Wedge: boards don't like it | Photo: Raniel Diaz/Creative Commons

The Wedge delivered a classic bodyboarding day, with all the traditional ingredients: wipeouts, closeouts and wrong decisions.

The most popular spot in Newport Beach, California, could also be named "Bone Breaker," or "Board Crusher." At least, that's what frequently happens in The Wedge.

The 28th March 2015 will certainly mark the season, as solid 12-foot plus peaks peeled down the line from dusk till dawn. And bodyboarders probably rode seventy-five percent of all waves.

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Jared Houston: a dreamy Puerto Rican wave | Photo: APA/Pride

Jared Houston has dislocated his shoulder during his bodyboarding adventures Puerto Rico. Fortunately, not before scoring epic waves in dangerous slabs.

Jared is one of pro bodyboarding's frequent high flyers. His winter training sessions prove he is ready to fight for the 2015 APB World Tour title. Seriously, just watch his "Road Kill".

"The sun makes it all look so friendly; I was so stoked when it came out. This kind of waves at this break are sick, they break away from the rock and you almost come in on a wedge and backdoor it," explains Houston.

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Guilherme Tâmega: fast and furious | Photo: IBA/Specker

Guilherme Tâmega has announced his retirement from the professional bodyboarding world tour.

He's one of the legends of the sport. For more than two decades, Tâmega competed at the world's most challenging events. He won six world titles and inspired riders, not only from Brazil, but from all corners of the globe. Now, he is ready to hang his fins.

"I do not plan to compete in the tour. Today, I've got my own bodyboard brand, and I am fully dedicated to it. I draw the lines, but I don't shape them. If I'm not in it to win, it doesn't matter. My biggest dream now is to watch my kids, and my brand do good," Tâmega told Globo Esporte.

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