Ben Player: the Australian will return after injury | Photo: Specker/IBA

Ben Player and Alan Muñoz will compete in the 2016 APB World Tour season.

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) have announced the names of the two injury wildcards. They are three-time world champion Ben Player, and Chilean charger Alan Muñoz.

The 2016 APB World Tour will kick off with the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational, on the 21st February. The top 30 riders will compete against a list of invited free surfers, and trialists.

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Pipeline: there is only place to be | Photo: Specker/IBA

The Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational has been confirmed. The first stage of the 2016 APB World Tour will run between February 21st and March 4th, in Hawaii.

After a one-year hiatus, the world's best bodyboarders will return to Banzai Pipeline to kick off the season in grand fashion. And there's a surprise for recreational and amateur riders.

"We would like to give a chance to the keenest chargers with skill the world over - riders that would make their local area proud if they were to represent. If you, or someone you know, has the skill and courage to put it all on the line, we want you/them in," explained the veteran and host of the event Mike Stewart.

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Jeff Hubbard: he rides his own boards | Photo: Sintra Portugal Pro

Jeff Hubbard has taken out the inaugural edition of the Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) World Tour.

The Hawaiian bodyboarder claimed the grand finale of the FSB Series 2015, after collecting the 37.7 percent of the votes from the fans. Hubbard beat Davis Blackwell, and Lewi Finnegan in the decisive round.

The scores between all three finalists were always close, but it a last-minute surge of support for the three-time world bodyboarding champion gave him a small advantage in the public vote - a mere 1.6 percent. Judges were divided between Hubbard and Blackwell, so the public ended up deciding the champion.

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