Jamie O'Brien 

All the indicators pointed towards an incredible day at Pipeline for the first day of the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro presented by Senor Frogs – what resulted did not disappoint.
With the first four rounds of the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro presented by Senor Frogs completed in epic conditions, the tone of the event had been laid, with the Ormerod twins from Australia, Ruben Quinones (Puerto Rico), Damian King and Oshi Grady (Hawaii) all leading the way.

When the sunrise broke through on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu this morning it revealed something that would be remembered for a many days to come.
The winds were light offshore and the swell was pushing three metres.

By mid morning it was an “ant-farm”, with hundreds of spectators lining the shore, all trying to get a glimpse of the best bodyboarders in the world.
The focus however was on the second heat of round four when Jamie O’Brien (Hawaii) hit the water.
Thousands of online viewers joined the massive crowd on hand to witness history in the making.

The kid that has turned almost as many heads as Kelly Slater taking on the worlds best bodyboarders at his home break.
And he went for it.
O’Brien took some seriously big sets (as expected) and did well to hold his rail in and drive through some big tubes only to be pinched on the end sections.
Former World Champion Ben Player (Australia) commended him on a job well done.


Pipeline Pro 2009

The first day of the 2009 Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro is locked and loaded and ready to fire into action on the North Shore of Oahu.

This is the first event on the International Bodyboarding Association Men’s World Tour for 2009 and carries a Grand Slam status as well as double points towards the championship.

Today the trials were contested at “Erma’s” on the East coast in some punchy 3-4 footers and the 8 Trailists making it through were as follows.

Julien Miremont
John Porzuczec
Julien Lacatoure
Brian Wise
Rusty Friesen
Drew Innocend
Tucker Bontecou
Morgan Brown
Reis Yonheiro

The remaining riders that were in the trials are now on the alternate list and will be standby for a possible start tomorrow morning.

This give us a total of 144 of the Worlds best riders over three days of competition during the 11 day waiting period.

“Tomorrow is looking like a 99% chance for a start ” said Terry McKenna, IBA International General manager.

“ The swell kicked up to almost 8-10 feet at Pipe this afternoon and will back off a touch by the morning. The free-surfing session this afternoon was nothing short of amazing and the stage is set for a massive day tomorrow”

Tomorrow will also see the history books re-written when one of the most exciting surfers in the world takes on the bodyboarders at his home break.


Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro

The trials for the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro are going to be staged at Erma’s near Sandy Beach.

Take H1 to H3 towards Koneohe. Take H3 to exit 11

Take Kalanianiole HWY around island to Ermas! You will come off the H3 go right for 1k then make a left on to Kailua RD, make a ri
a right onto Kalanianiole Hwy and stay on that for 5ks until you hit Ermas, you will know you are there because you pass Makapuuon your left at the end of Waimanalo town, you will come down a hill and 30 second after you get down the hill after the golf corse this is the spot.

Competitors are being asked to meet at Ehuaki Beach park at 6.30am tomorrow morning for a convoy to the event.

The check-in will be at 7.45am for an 8am start.

If you are not at the check in you will be considered a no show and refunded the entry fee  (less $10 for contest Tee)

All enquiries text Terry +61401023661

***Beach entries will be accepted***

Adam Michael Bird Hawaii
Marcio    LOUREIRO    Portugal
Rusty    FRIESEN    USA
Dan    WORLEY    USA
Brayden    MAWSON    Australia
Daniel    ZIMBRA    Hawaii
Matt    MEYER    USA
Julien    LACOUTURE    Reunion
Keahi    PARKER    Hawaii
Ben    CLEGG    Australia
Brian    WISE    USA
Drew    INNOCEND    Australia
Ryan    GALLINA    Hawaii
Julien    MIREMONT    France
Clinton    MUNOZ    Hawaii
Rui    SANTOS    Portugal
Reis    YONEHIRO    Hawaii
Ricky    ALVEREZ    Hawaii
Damien    MARTIN    Australia
Wesley    LIQUORISH    Hawaii
Morgan    BROWN    Australia
Rob    KEYSER    Hawaii
Andres    PORRAS    Columbia
Tucker    BONTECOU    Hawaii
FRANCIOS    BORDET    New Calidonia
Marc    ABBOTT    Australia
Landon    GASPAR    Hawaii
Jonny    ORDONEZ    Hawaii