2009 Sopelana BBK Pro in Spain

The city of Bilbao is an amazing place and today a press conference for the Sopelana BBK Pro was held with some of the top riders attending.

Former World Champion Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii) and Eunate Aguirre (Spain) both spoke to the press and expressed thanks to the sponsors and organizers for another exciting event.

"These European events are very important to the riders" said Hubbard.

"We are all just as passionate about surfing the small beach-breaks as we are the reef breaks of Hawaii or Chile so when you win, where ever it is, the feeling and the points are the same".

"For sure, its been a long time in between contests and the break has been a long one for the girls on the WWT" said Eunate.

"I am leading the ratings now but Neymara Carvalho (Brazil) is such a strong competitor That I will have to do my best here for a win".

"I have been training hard and I feel good. Yes, I do want to win the World Title but its a long way off yet", said the Spaniard.

After the press conference the crew went for a look at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

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2009 Viana Pro in Portugal

Eder Luciano has won the 2009 Viana Pro in Portugal beating Guilherme Tâmega in the final heat.

The Brazilian won the first title in the IBA World Tour and receives a US$4.000 prize-money.

Mike Stewart lost the leading of the world ranking, after losing in the semi-final to Eder Luciano.

Guilherme Tâmega has now 4540 points. Stewart is very close with 4533 points.

IBA World Tour ranking after the 2009 Viana Pro:

1 – Guilherme Tâmega (BRA) – 4540 points
2 – Mike Stewart (HAV) – 4533 points
3 – Jeff Hubbard (HAV) – 3860 points
4 – Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) – 3690 points
5 – Dave Winchester (AUS) – 3410 points
6 – Dave Hubbard (HAV) – 3320 points
7 – Ryan Hardy (AUS) – 3300 points
8 – Uri Valadão (BRA) – 3277 points
9 – Magno Oliveira (BRA) – 3191 points
10 – Rene Xavier (BRA) – 3083 points

The heat is on and the 2009 IBA World Tour now heads to Sopelana, in Spain, between 18th and 23rd August.

Mike Stewart keeps the dream moving 

The third day of the Viana Pro had a late start as a localized sea mist made identifying the riders virtually impossible.

The event was up to the man-on-man stage so organizers decided to offer the competitors a 25-minute time frame to select the best waves.
Its mid Summer here in Europe and the beaches are packed by lunchtime so an army of hardcore spectators lined the beaches for the day creating a great atmosphere.

The first heat was a classic. Portugals favourite son Manuel Centeno got an early lead on Rui Pereira and looked on-song for the quarters until Rui pulled an 8.0 out of the bag and claimed victory. Exit Centeno.

The next heat was equally as entertaining as Mike Stewart got off to a great start on Portugals Andre De Silva. De Silva almost got back on track but Mike used his tactical skills to secure a win. Andre was one of the form riders going into the round and turned a lot of heads with his snappy style and will be sure to be a star of the future.

Heat 3 was saw Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii) eliminated by an in-form Pierre Louis Costes (France) with Pierre selecting the superior waves to rack up the bigger points.

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