Leonardo Kale

The waves finally appeared in Estaleirinho beach for the second stop of the IBA World Tour 2009.

In the morning with the low tide, we had contestable 2 to 3 feet waves. 

The highlights were Marcus Lima, Leonardo Kale from Brazil. 

The best foreigner of the first round was Angelo Freda from Venezuela.

We believe there is a fresh 3-5 feet swell coming and we are confident that the waves will be awesome.

Katherine Melo Pro 

A lay day has been called this Tuesday for the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro 2009. A good swell was predicted and the organizers were expecting good waves for tomorrow.

Today, April 21st, the principal riders arrived in Balneário Camboriú to follow the second stage on IBA World Tour, Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro 2009. The current 2nd place on WWT, Eunate Aguirre, was impressed with the structure on Estaleirinhos Beach.

“The structure here is incredible, I’m so happy to be here again. I have good experiences here because the last year event was so great. I will do my best and try do improve my second place from Pipe”, said Aguirre.

This year event have 130 riders from 13 different countries. The Brazilians make up the majority and the local supporters will fill the beach on the next few days.

Event organizers will be set at 8:00 (local time) and the first round of men and women should happen.

Cobra D'Água Bodyboarding Show 

The city of Salvador, Brazil, will receive the third stop on IBA World Circuit between April 28th to May 3rd. This will be the first time that the city receives a world event.

The Cobra D’Agua Bodyboarding Show Bahia 2009 will take place in Armação beach. The event will distribute U$ 35.000 and more than 250 riders were expected to attend the event.

The 2008 world champion, Uri Valadão, will compete on his home break. The rider is very happy to compete at home. “I’m very happy with this event. It will be a pleasure to represent my country in my hometown”, said. “All this is a reflection of the great job that was made to bring a world event to Salvador”, finished Valadão.

The other Brazilian world champion, Neymara Carvalho, also showed enthusiasm to compete this event in Salvador. “I m so proud and glad to compete in Salvador. I have a lot of friends there. Salvador will show to everybody that the city of Carnaval can be also de the city of bodyboarding”.

This event will be very important not only to the sport in Brazil that is growing every year, but to tourism and to show Brazilian culture for the rest of world. “This event is very important to our city because we can receive a lot of people from different places and this is very important to Bahia tourism”, said Domingos Leonelli, Salvador’s Tourism Secretary. The idea is to put Salvador on World Tour all at once. “This event will put Salvador on World Tour and will show to everybody that we can do great events”, said Railton Lemos, the producer of this event.

Railton also remembered some people that worked so hard to bring this event to Salvador. “For the very first time we are bringing a IBA event to Bahia. This event will happen because our mayor João Henrique Carneiro, the State depute Maria Luisa, the politician Alberto Braga, and The State Government (Bahiatursa) worked hard to make this possible”.

Cobra D’Agua Bodyboarding Show Bahia 2009 is brought and produced by Dendê Productions; Axé Mix and will be sponsored by Federal Government (by Petrobras); Bahia State Government (Bahiatursa); Salvador City Hall and Iguatemi Mall.