Guilherme Tâmega quits professional bodyboarding

Six-time bodyboarding world champion Guilherme Tâmega announced plans to leave professional bodyboarding.

The Brazilian pro bodyboarder feels that he has no financial conditions to keep on competing in a high level, due to cuts in his sponsorship. He told the Brazilian bodyboarding site ABBC Tour that he needs the support of someone who believes in his skills. «I've never paid to compete», he told.

Guilherme Tâmega won six IBA World Tour Championships, six Brazilian national titles and two ISA World Games.

Althought Tâmega says it is not an irreversible decision, the pro bodyboarder has to find a way to cover US$20.000 in world travel spendings, an estimate 2008 budget. will bring you the latest on the professional future of Guilherme Tãmega. Stay tuned.

Women's Bodyboarding Association

Games Coordinator Zoe Edwards has just announced the dress theme for the WBA Northern Beaches Comp, it is "tight and bright".

The comp to be held at Whaley Beach (just south of Palm Beach) will be held 25th April (ANZAC day).

Meeting at 7.30am -the contest will be set up around the middle to southern end of the beach, depending on the conditions.

A, AA, AAA divisions, and DK expression session and more games planned!

For more information contact Karleah on 0408901519 or email her here.

Stay tuned for more news on the WBA's official website. Thanks to BSC for their support with the comp.

Shark Island 2008 

This letter is to address the IBA press release sent out stating “Shark Island is no longer on the World Tour”.

I would like to thank everyone for their phone calls and emails of support. Regarding the IBA’s decision I would like to address the issue in an open manner.

Firstly, it must be clearly stated that the only criteria the Cronulla Shark Island Challenge does not meet in the IBA’s guide lines is financial.

The 2009 IBA event sanctioning requirements state that all international MWT events require minimum prize-money of $20,000 USD

Unfortunately in 2009 due to the current financial climate this criteria cannot be met.

However, what we do have thanks to our sponsors Nomad Bodyboards, Emerald Surf City, Human, Limited Edition Fins, Swellnet, Riptide Bodyboard Magazine and the Sutherland Shire Council, is a prize base of $10,000.00, which I believe is the richest prize purse in Australia for 2009.

During negotiations the IBA agreed that this year’s event did not meet its criteria. I proposed that the event be sanctioned as an IBA Specialty event to allow interested IBA riders to compete and in turn tie this long standing event to the IBA MWT Calendar. It was indicated as per IBA Tour General Manager Terry McKenna’s request and direction, to pay the IBA sanctioning fee of $1,500.00 USD to ensure the event future. 

Unfortunately the proposal was rejected by the IBA riders board.

The IBA Riders board terms are as follows:

Any IBA contracted rider who surfed in the 2009 Pipeline event or those who are competing in the coming Brazil events in April/May 2009 can not compete.

Any IBA contracted rider that breaks their IBA contract will serve a 12 month ban from International competition from the date of the breach and be subjected to a $500 USD fine.

Terry McKenna said of the decision “I did send several emails trying to change their mind but they were determined to stand strong with their decision.” I thank Terry for his support on this issue.

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