Carlsbad Desalination Project: is salted water the solution?

The state of California is building a $1 billion desalination plant that will inject 50 million gallons of freshwater a day in the water system.

The State Water Project (SWP) will provide water supplies for 25 million Californians and 750,000 acres of irrigated farmland. That is the good news. In Southern California, over 90% of the consumed water is imported.

The new desalination facility reminds us of SimCity. In the city-building computer and console video game, desalinating sea water was one of the most important/expensive options to keep our urban areas watered.

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Underwater pyramid: is the Atlantis located near Azores?

A Portuguese sailor claims to have discovered a large underwater pyramid, between the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira, in the Azores.

Diocleciano Silva couldn't believe what his eyes were telling him. As he was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean looking for fish, he spotted a perfectly-shaped pyramid structure on the sonar.

After checking the GPS devices and maps again, Silva confirmed that the unknown underwater construction was lying at 40 meters (131 feet). Square, and aligned with the four cardinal compass directions. The pyramid's base is estimated to have 8000 square meters.

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Nuclear plants: dangerous and deadly

The Surfrider Foundation is tracking the potential spread of radiation from Fukushima to the Pacific Coast via air, water and marine life.

The surfing non-governmental organization is analyzing all scientific research focused on the Japanese nuclear reactor meltdown.

"There are a lot of conflicting reports in the news and on various websites and blogs. There have been many sensationalist reports that are not supported by scientific data and studies", underlines Surfrider, led by Jim Moriarty.

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