Portuguese caravels: first to touch Australia

The Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to discover Australia, according to a 16th century maritime map found in a library vault.

History tells that Dutch sailors discovered Australia in 1606, but a new secret document proves that Portuguese adventurers marked geographical sites along Australia's east coast, in 1522.

The new discovery is unveiled in "Beyond Capricorn", a book written by Peter Trickett, an Australian historian. He found the copy of Vallard Atlas, a collection of 15 hand drawn maps, in a Canberra book shop.

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Martin's Beach: surfer-friendly

A judge granted the County of San Mateo District Attorney's motion to dismiss the trespassing charges filed against five surfers accessing Martin's Beach, in California.

In October 2012, the surfers entered Martin's Beach Road - the access road to the beach - on foot when the property manager informed them they were trespassing.

Upon exiting the water, Jonathan Bremer, David Pringle, Austin Murison, Tyler Schmid and Kyle Foley were issued a citation from a San Mateo County Sheriff.

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Great White Shark: deadly and rare

The population of great white sharks is considered to be dangerously low and near extinction.

Environment authorities have issued a statement saying that there is sufficient scientific information proving that the number of great white sharks is very low, off the coast of California.

The US wildlife officials believe there is a risk of extinction, as an estimated total of only 338 great white sharks is living in the waters of the west coast.

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