Guillaume Néry: the underwater surfer

Guillaume Néry, a freediving world champion, is one of the first humans ever to ride deep underwater currents.

Are there underwater waves? Yes, and a man who dives 125 meters below the water surface know them pretty well. Nery combines his breath-hold diving techniques with the skills of a classic wave rider.

When he was only 14, the French waterman from Nice, became obsessed with holding his breath for as long as possible. The challenge transformed into passion and, ultimately, in a professional occupation.

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Carlsberg: soon inside a wood-fiber bottle

The multinational conglomerate behind Carlsberg has announced plans to develop the world's first fully biodegradable wood-fiber bottle for beverages.

The leading brewery group has kicked off a three-year project with packaging company ecoXpac, the Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark, to develop a biodegradable and biobased "Green Fiber Bottle".

All materials used in the bottle, including the cap, will be developed using bio-based and biodegradable materials - primarily, sustainably sourced wood-fibers - allowing the bottle to be responsibly degraded. In other words, you'll be drinking beer differently in the near future.

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Plastics: take three pieces of rubbish when you visit a beach | Photo: Antonio Foncubierta/Creative Commons

"Take 3" is an environmental initiative that invites everyone to take three pieces of rubbish with them when they visit the beach or any waterway.

In 2009, Tim Silverwood founded "Take 3". He wanted to raise awareness of the consequences of marine debris - and in particular plastics - on the world's oceans and the species who rely on it for survival.

We know that five trillion plastic pieces are floating in the oceans. While countries start banning plastics from supermarkets and restaurants, we as consumers must refuse, reduce and recycle plastic on a daily basis.

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