Oceans: to have and to hold | Photo: Anne Wu/Creative Commons

The Surfrider Foundation has set the priority campaigns for 2015.

Chad Nelsen, CEO at Surfrider, has a lot of on hands. The man behind the world's largest non-governmental surf organization has established the main goals for the year. And he needs your support.

"We currently have 96 campaigns around the country being run by our grassroots network of 85 chapters and, since 2006, we've had over 300 victories in defense of our coasts," explains Nelsen.

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Environment: our favorite club?

What if the environment was a sports club? Would you support it like you have done with your favorite football team or most-liked surfer in the last years?

The UEFA Champions League and the Super Bowl have millions of fans worldwide, screaming with passion at a volume unparalleled in typical social settings.

What if we channeled all those emotions towards the truly green issues of the world with the same fervor? The video "If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports" offers a new perspective into the aficionado universe.

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Guillaume Néry: the underwater surfer

Guillaume Néry, a freediving world champion, is one of the first humans ever to ride deep underwater currents.

Are there underwater waves? Yes, and a man who dives 125 meters below the water surface know them pretty well. Nery combines his breath-hold diving techniques with the skills of a classic wave rider.

When he was only 14, the French waterman from Nice, became obsessed with holding his breath for as long as possible. The challenge transformed into passion and, ultimately, in a professional occupation.

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