Floating City: a dream that may become a reality

Architecture studio AT Design Office has developed a project for an Atlantis-like floating underwater city.

The Chinese construction firm CCCC plans to build the ocean metropolis in an area of four square miles, with the same technologies used to build a 31-mile bridge between the cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

"Part of that bridge is an underwater tunnel, which is joined by a 150-metre-long precast concrete box," underlines architect Slavomir Siska.

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Thwaites Glacier: melting fast

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which holds enough water to raise global seas by several feet, is about to collapse, according to scientists from the University of Washington.

Using detailed topography maps and computer modeling, researchers concluded the ice collapse appears to have already begun.

"Previously, when we saw thinning we didn't necessarily know whether the glacier could slow down later, spontaneously or through some feedback," explains Ian Joughin, a glaciologist at the UW's Applied Physics Laboratory.

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Santa Maria: Christopher Columbus' favorite flagship

A team of underwater explorers might have discovered the long-lost remains of Christopher Columbus' flagship Santa Maria, off the coast of Haiti.

In 1492, Santa Maria was one of the three ships that departed from Europe towards the Americas. It ran aground on Christmas Day, near the Caribbean islands, and had to be abandoned.

Now, a group of treasure hunters led by underwater explorer Barry Clifford believes to have enough evidences to prove that Santa Maria has been found.

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