Blue Dunes: is this the end of surfing in New Jersey and New York?

The Stevens Institute of Technology has proposed the construction of a string of artificial islands off the coast of New Jersey and New York to protect the shoreline from swells and storms.

The "Blue Dunes" is part of Rebuild By Design, a competition sponsored by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop fundable solutions to better protect residents from future climate events.

It is one of 10 projects that will be evaluated and voted, although there's no guarantee any of them will receive funding.

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William Ferrel and Kelly Slater: let's move the ocean to Colorado River

What do Kelly Slater and William Ferrell have in common? They're trying to move the ocean to the wet part of the Colorado River Delta.

The problem is that Robert Redford, the Hollywood actor, believes there's an alternative way of raising small amounts of water in the Delta, in order to restore 2,300 acres of forest and marsh along a 70-mile stretch of river.

Redford's goal is to generate rural economic activities and job opportunities for local people, including river restoration, tourism, recreational hunting, and sport and commercial fisheries.

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Water: the gold of the future | Photo: Tim Geers

Americans use twice the amount of water they think they do, according to a study by Indiana University.

Results show that participants underestimated water use by a factor of two on average, with large underestimates for high water-use activities.

High numeracy scores, older age, and male sex were associated with more accurate perceptions of water use.

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