Dolphins: free to catch a wave in India

India has officially recognized dolphins as non-human persons and will no longer be used for commercial entertainment that involves the capture and confinement of the species.

India is the fourth country in the world to ban the capture and import of cetaceans for the purpose of commercial entertainment along with Costa Rica, Hungary, and Chile.

Research that established dolphins are highly intelligent and sensitive is what led India's government to the decision of shutting down dolphin parks across the country.

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Main Beach: Long Island celebrates

Main Beach, located in Long Island, New York, has been considered the best American beach for 2013 by Dr. Beach.

The top 10 for 2013 have been announced by Dr. Beach, Professor and Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University.

The first place goes for Main Beach, located in East Hampton on eastern Long Island, New York. This idyllic beach is frequented by the rich and famous.

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Mentawai Islands: destruction and surfing

In October 2010, the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami killed more than 500 people and  displaced more than 20,000. Less than three years later, SurfAid returned to Mentawai Islands and Nias to check how the initial help has evolved.

The Mentawai Islands offer some of the best surf spots in the entire planet. As a surfer's dream destination, it delivers the most incredible wave riding experiences of a lifetime.

When the 2010 Mentawai tsunami hit the region, SurfAid answered with health care facilities for pregnant women and children under five, work in malaria, water and sanitation, and emergency preparedness.

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