Right wales: seismic airguns are killing marine life

The Surfrider Foundation is opposing a proposal by the federal government to conduct seismic surveys off the Mid- and South Atlantic coast for oil and gas.

The U.S. Department of the Interior is deciding whether to conduct seismic surveys in the Atlantic ocean from New Jersey to Florida to assess oil and gas resources.

"Seismic airgun testing would cause major impacts to marine life and bring the Atlantic coast closer to the risky practice of offshore oil drilling", the Surfrider Foundations explains.

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Huanchaco: protected by law

The Peruvian President has officially signed the law that will protect Peru's coastline and its surf breaks.

Ollanta Humala will be part of the history of Peruvian surfing for the good reasons. The Peruvian President has understood the importance of wave riding and the environmental issues behind this outdoor activity.

"If we are leaders in surfing at the regional and international levels, why not keep supporting this sport that adds value to our country. It's worth worrying about sport", says President Ollanta Humala.

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Malibu: it's pumping

The Malibu surfing community and the Los Angeles authorities have worked together to protect the iconic surf Third Point and First Point breaks, during the winter season, by creating a seasonal sand berm.

For several years, the Malibu Lagoon has breached on its eastern end, regardless of seasonal rainfall or peak flows.

Among other impacts, this has caused erosion around the Adamson House estate resulting in landscape alteration, tree removal, and shoreline armoring.

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