Playa Bahoruco: Dominican Republic surf sanctuary

The Dominican Surfing Federation has launched a sustainability program for Playa Bahoruco, a local top-class surf spot.

The main goal is to cultivate a self-sustainable community for the maintenance and preservation of the beach, for the benefit of its ecosystem, and to strengthen the community and its profile as a naturalistic, tourist and sporting destination.

With training sessions to be conducted regularly throughout 2012, the first daylong meeting included theoretical training and a beach clean-up, and integrated youth from fourteen to twenty-three years of age, from the beaches of Bahoruco, Arroyo, Juan Esteban and La Cienega.

After the theoretical presentation and interactive group discussion, an in-service training program was launched on the beach, for the actions of the classification of existing solid waste (plastics, debris), a complete beach cleaning and its transfer to a storage facility, with the activity concluding late in the evening.


Lucy Lawless: Xena hates oil-drilling

Lucy Lawless and six Greenpeace environmental activists were arrested after the group spent four days protesting aboard an oil-drilling ship docked in New Zealand.

Lawless and the other activists climbed aboard early Friday in an attempt to raise awareness about oil drilling in the Arctic and prevent the ship, scheduled to drill five exploratory wells during the Arctic summer, from leaving.

Lucy Lawless, who has played Xena the Warrior Princess, is totally committed with the "Stop Shell #SaveTheArctic" protest. "We walked like human beings wearing hard hats (but) I don't want to give away any trade secrets", said Lawless.


GJ 1214b: is it good for surfing?

Scientists have discovered a new type of alien planet. A steamy waterworld that is larger than Earth but smaller than Uranus. GJ 1214b was discovered in 2009, by the ground-based MEarth Project.

Described as a "Super-Earth," it is about 2.7 times Earth's diameter and weighs almost 7 times as much. Studies in 2010 led scientists to believe that the planet, where the temperature can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, is largely covered in water.