Dave Rastovich

After 19 days of surfing, paddling and sailing their way down the NSW coast, the environmental awareness group led by pro surfer Dave Rastovich has successfully passed the halfway point of their intended 700km, 36 day voyage from Byron Bay to Sydney’s Bondi Beach.  
Titled “Transparentsea” the initiative, which began on October 1st, aims to draw attention to the plight of the migrating humpback whales as the team follows their path south and to highlight issues of environmental concern to do with Australia’s East Coast.
Speaking from Point Plomer near Crescent Head on Day 20, Rastovich acknowledged the numerous, unforgettable whale and dolphin encounters his team had experienced. However, the alarming amount of debris that has been located and collected at the various locations the team has visited is a concern.
“At times, adult humpback whales and their calves have chosen to surface two feet away from our kayaks, which has just been amazing,” explained Rastovich.
“We’ve also camped in some of the most beautiful beachside campgrounds and surfed those beaches, but picked up hundreds and hundreds pieces of plastic and rubbish in places that look ‘Good from far, but are far from good’,” he added.
Rastovich, who says his team is on track to reach Bondi by the planned date of November 5th, also urged everyone who shared the vision of the Transparentsea environmental awareness initiative to support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founded by anti-whaling activist Paul Watson.


Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, 9 times Surfing World Champion, and widely recognised as the greatest surfer ever, supports Surfers Against Sewage’s (SAS) Protect Our Waves campaign (POW). Slater signed the 1,000th POW campaign postcard and today SAS will send Slater’s card to the Secretary of State for Defence (SoS). SAS’s 1,000 POW postcards call on the SoS to review the Ministry of Defence surfing ban at Broad Bench, one of the UK’s premier waves. 

Broad Bench falls on the outer boundary of a Ministry of Defence firing range and surfing can be prohibited whilst the MoD are using the range.  SAS understands that the MoD needs unrestricted use of their range, but believe there is a compromise that allows surfers full use of Broad Bench and the MoD full use of their range. 

Slater was joined by some of the world's best surfers, past, present and future, in pledging their support to SAS's POW campaign.  Old guard legends Jeff Hakman and past world champion Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew were stoked to add their signatures first, closely followed by two of the most powerful and stylish surfers in the world, Taylor Knox and Luke Egan.  The next generation of possible world champions also realised the importance of the campaign with Jeremy Flores and Jordy Smith signing the POW postcard, along with Roy Powers, one of the nicest surfers you could meet.  These international surfing superstars were joined by the UK’s own surfing champions Gabe Davies and Alan Stokes. 

SAS are harnessing the fantastic support from these top surfers to renew our request for a meeting with the SoS for Defence, calling for a solution that will allow the army full use of their firing range and permit surfers full access to the Broad Bench wave.


All Points South

Save The Waves is very proud to announce that our documentary "All Points South" received the Best Short Film award at the New York Surf Film Festival 2009. Many thanks to the NYSFF, for producing yet another stellar festival!

"All Points South" follows the story of surfers and fishermen activists in Chile and their struggle against forestry industry pollution of coastal waters and waves.

Film director Sachi Cunningham commented from Los Angeles, California about the award: "We're thrilled with the recognition and hope that it inspires surfers everywhere who are concerned about the environment to not only think globally about our oceans' health, but also act locally to keep their breaks clean.”

The screening of All Points South during this festival was on Saturday, September 26 at Tribeca Cinemas in lower Manhattan.

The story behind "All Points South"

Surfers are a litmus test of the health of our oceans. Save The Waves Coalition's new film, All Points South, relates how surfers and fishermen in Chile are joining together to fight against rampant pollution from the pulp industry, and how consumers can help by making better choices when buying paper.

From California to the long left points of Southern Chile, surfers increasingly find themselves in the line of fire between coastal waters and industrial pollution. In All Points South the journey takes us to Southern Chile, where pulp mill pollution threatens entire ecosystems, an ancient way of life, and threatens to tear apart a tight-knit fishing community. With world-class surfing at some of the planet's best point breaks, this is the story and journey of a group of surfers and their effort to expose the injustice being done by a powerful, worldwide industry.