Oil spill: Santa Barbara suffers once again | Photo: KTLA

A ruptured in an underground pipeline leaked an estimated 105,000 gallons of crude near Santa Barbara, in California.

The spill sent oil to local beaches, and sea lions were spotted swimming in dark waters. The sands of Refugio State Beach have already turned black, and the spill will likely move south.

"It's a moving target. Unfortunately, it's not an exact science when we're dealing with changing conditions out there," underlines, Capt. Jennifer Williams of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project: cleaning beaches for a glass of wine | Photo: SAS

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have announced the 8th Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project in the United Kingdom.

The British non-governmental surf organization will visit six of UK's most popular beaches this summer. The goal is simple: to help keep our beaches barefoot friendly for all to enjoy and, of course, enjoy a glass of wine.

Since 2008, almost 6000 volunteers have helped SAS to sweep over 12.5 tonnes of marine litter from 46 beaches. This year, the team behind SAS will build life-size sandcastle bars at each event complete.

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Immersion suits: saving lives from hypothermia | Photo: White Glacier

Every year, hypothermia kills more than 1500 people in the United States. There are many situations in which you can quickly lose your life due to extreme low temperatures, but a new immersion suit wants to help put an end to the tragedy.

White Glacier believes the cold water immersion suit has arrived to neutralize the dire threat of hypothermia. It is certainly not an option for cold water surfers, but these suits can make the difference in multiple scenarios.

"Arctic 25" offers hypothermia protection of up to 25 hours against freezing water, waves and high wind. It has vertical and horizontal floating capabilities, and it can be partially donned in 15 seconds. This suit will enable the freedom to eat or drink, attend to hygienic needs, or administer first aid once in the water.

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