Great Blue Hole: a natural treasure located in Belize | Photo: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

"Planet Ocean" is a 90-minute film directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot featuring the greatest natural mystery of the Earth.

The film-documentary hopes to change the way people look at the ocean, and to help our children believe in a better and more sustainable world.

"Planet Ocean" also offers solutions for what we can all do to help improve the health of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers and the eco-systems they harbour.

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Hannah Fraser: tiger sharks loved her dance moves

Hannah Fraser, an underwater model and activist, has danced with tiger sharks without any protection to raise awareness against the Australian shark cull.

Fraser had already swum with sharks before, but this time the professional mermaid wanted to be in the center of shark-infested waters, in the Bahamas. So it was clearly one of the most dangerous challenges with the ocean's predator.

The talented underwater performer teamed up with cinematographer and photographer Shawn Heinrichs to oppose not only the Australia shark cull, but also the global slaughter of sharks.

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The Ocean Cleanup: a passive method of catching plastic debris

A 19-year-old entrepreneur has developed an offshore structure that captures plastic debris floating in the world's oceans.

Boyan Slat paused his Aerospace Engineering study to completely focus his efforts on "The Ocean Cleanup," an array of floating barriers that catches and concentrate the plastic, enabling a platform to efficiently extract it afterwards.

Nearly 90% of all rubbish floating in the world's oceans is plastic. It is killing marine life, and polluting shores and beaches around the planet. Slat believes that instead of wasting energy by going after the plastics, we should simply wait for the plastic to come to us.

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