Raptoberfest: say no to plastic

Plastics have undoubtedly helped us to manufacture, package and ship goods more easily, for less money, and in some cases more safely than ever before. But plastics pose a significant threat to our planet as well. The very qualities that make plastic an adaptable and durable product to use, also make it an environmental nightmare.

Plastics do not biodegrade. Instead they break down with exposure to weather and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, into smaller and smaller pieces. When these pieces infiltrate the environment, especially marine environments, they wreak havoc – killing millions of birds and animals annually.

In response to this problem, the Surfrider Foundation founded its Rise Above Plastics campaign. The goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and focus on finding solutions.

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Sunscreen: saving lives

Researchers from King's College in London announced last week that they could create a sunblock pill from coral, and that it could be available to the masses in the next five years.

The coral, acropora microphthalma, has a unique way of generating its own protection from the sun's damaging UV radiation. If scientists can figure out how to put the coral's natural sunscreen into pill form, this pill might not only eliminate the need for sunblock, but also prevent eye damage caused by UV rays.

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Dewey Weber Surfboards: making waves cleaner

It is no secret that the surf community has battled the challenge of what to do with leftover polyurethane dust, which is the result of shaping a surfboard from a block of foam. A major product category for surf retail business, surfboard sales generated more than $160.6 million in 2010 according to the 2010 SIMA Retail Distribution Study.

As a community, the surf industry strives to protect and preserve the very livelihood of their sport – the world’s oceans and beaches. Staying true to their commitment to the environment, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) Board Builders’ Committee is proud to recognize a new solution for excess dust that will also protect the environment.

California-based surfboard brands Lost Surfboards, Dewey Weber Surfboards, Soul Stix Surfboards, Stone Steps Manufacturing, T. Patterson Surfboards and Channel Islands Surfboards, along with foam manufacturers US Blanks and Surf Blanks America and cutting house Pro-Cam, have joined forces with the makers of Spillinex.

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