King's Point, Newfoundland: icebergs are breaking during summer | Photo: King's Point Pottery

A man captured the moment an iceberg broke off King's Point, in Newfoundland, Canada.

The author of the video, Jason Griffiths, filmed the iceberg exploding in the water and producing a series of waves rushing towards the local beach.

"I was leaning on the rail around our front balcony. Surrounded by family. The iceberg was about 100 feet from the front of our house," Griffiths wrote on his YouTube account.

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2015 Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest: find and transform

The Surfrider Foundation and VISSLA have teamed to launch the 2015 Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest.

The goal is to challenging you transform an old or found object into something to be used in the ocean, i.e., a functional wave riding craft such as a surfboard, surf fin, skimboard, alaia, paipo, boat or hand plane.

Do you want to join the 2015 Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest? Submit a video or between three and six photographs showing your project from start to finish by September 12th.

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The Sealander: a caravan and yacht in one

German inventor Daniel Straub has developed a caravan and yacht in one. The Sealander is the perfect pick for surfers wishing to explore offshore surf breaks.

The concept is simple. Drive your car to your favorite surf spot (on the road, the Sealander is registered as a caravan). Then push the Sealander into the water (in the water, it is a sports boat).

You're ready to sail away in search for the perfect uncrowded surf spots located somewhere in an outer reef. The Sealander is equipped with an electric motor that can power the caravan through the water at up to 9 kilometers per hour.

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