Great white shark: there are canibals in the family

Scientists have solved the mystery of the nine-foot (2.7 meters) great white shark eaten by a super predator, in Australia's Southern Ocean.

When researchers GPS-tagged a great white, they didn't imagine what would happen two months later. The device was found on a beach, and its data revealed that the animal had suddenly plunged 1,900 feet deep into the ocean.

The tag also showed multiple, drastic temperature changes indicating that the shark had been inside a digestive system. What animal could eat a nine-foot great white shark?


Volcom Pipe Pro: green from the inside out

The 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro has been considered a Deep Blue Surfing Event by Sustainable Surf.

The surf contest exceeded the minimum requirements of all five major categories of environmental and social impacts - Waste Diversion, Renewable Energy, Community Outreach, Climate Change and Transportation.

The 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro was the first Hawaiian ASP surfing event to be powered by biodiesel, and to become carbon neutral. The 2014 edition continued this achievement and provided significant support for the local community.


Floating City: a dream that may become a reality

Architecture studio AT Design Office has developed a project for an Atlantis-like floating underwater city.

The Chinese construction firm CCCC plans to build the ocean metropolis in an area of four square miles, with the same technologies used to build a 31-mile bridge between the cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

"Part of that bridge is an underwater tunnel, which is joined by a 150-metre-long precast concrete box," underlines architect Slavomir Siska.