Great Barrier Reef: wave stopper

Scientists from the University of Southampton have concluded that the Great Barrier Reef is a truly effective wave absorber.

The largest coral reef system on Planet Earth extends 2,300 kilometers along the coast of Queensland, in Australia. It is a World Heritage Site since 1981.

A study led by five scientists proved that, despite large gaps between the reefs, the Great Barrier Reef dramatically reduces wave height landward of the coral line.

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Plastic bags: California is ready to stop them | Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

California is ready to ban single-use plastic shopping bags and put a fee on paper bags.

On the 29th August, 2014, the state legislature approved SB 270, the first bag ban bill to make it through in the USA.

The proposed law, which will also put a 10-cent fee on paper bags, will have to wait for a final signature by Governor Jerry Brown. "I probably will sign it, yes," he has already stated.

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SharkStopper: world's first acoustic shark repellent

SharkStopper claims to be the world's first acoustic shark repellent. The Personal Shark Repellent (PSR) emulates the sound of killer whales in conjunction with a special frequency.

It can be used by surfers, divers, swimmers and beachgoers. SharkStopper emits a relatively low power acoustic signal that keeps the sharks at a safe distance.

The technology promises to protect humans against a wide variety of sharks, including bulls, great whites, tigers, hammerheads, the Caribbean reef shark, lemons, nurses, thresher sharks, black tips, and blue sharks, among others.

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