Mountains of Wind: a snowkiting documentary featuring the Jackson Hole Kiters

Snow kiteboarding is an underrated winter activity. It combines the classic characteristics of sailing and the winter elements of the mountain.

Instead of water, the alpine wind riders get snow below their feet. Well, not always. The Jackson Hole Kiters (Charles Symons, Pascal Joubert, Wayne Phillips and Will Taggart) are often spotted with nothing but air below their body.

Despite the sport's low profile, there have been a few attempts to push snowkiting into the mainstream world. Kite brands are producing gear for the cold season, and the number of participants begins to grow.

Nico Parlier has conquered the 2016 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton.

The recently-crowned Hydrofoil Pro Tour world champion also broke the event's record by completing the 19-kilometer race in 19 minutes and three seconds, i.e., more than three minutes less than the previous record set by Olly Bridge.

Parlier and the remaining 134 athletes were blessed by steady 22-to-24 knots of wind and made the kite cross from Rottnest Island to Leighton Beach made it seem like a walk in the park.

Nico Parlier: the 2016 Hydrofoil Pro Tour champion

Nico Parlier claimed the 2016 Hydrofoil Pro Tour title. The French kiteboarder, 21, ended up winning three of the season's four stages.

There's nothing much to say when a competitor wins all races. Nico Parlier traveled to the small coastal town of Rockingham, in Western Australia, and stormed the event by conquering no less than 17 races.

"It's a great honor for me to win the first Hydrofoil Pro Tour. During the whole year we saw that all the fastest riders were at the events," said Parlier, who has clearly been the best and fastest athlete among 56 kite foilers.