Morro Bay, California: getting all the northwest winds | Photo: Kevin L. Cole/Creative Commons

Kiteboarding in the Pacific Ocean is a wonderful experience. Despite the relatively low water temperatures, kitesurfing California is all about knowing the best spots and the right weather patterns over the year.

The best season to launch a kite in California is definitely summer. The northwest air current, and the temperature differences between the sun-heated land and the fresh Pacific waters are responsible for creating the perfect breeze for kiteboarding races and freestyle stunts.

In California, you can easily find winds ranging between 15-25 knots during most summertime. Although the region between Los Angeles and San Diego might get hidden from the northwest winds, you'll sail magnificently from Imperial Beach down to Baja California.


Riccardo Leccese: a dominating performace at the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup Melbourne | Photo: ISAF/Jeff Crow

Riccardo Leccese and Ariane Imbert the claimed gold medals in the kiteboarding division at the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup Melbourne, in Australia.

Kiteboarding was added to the Sailing World Cup after the ISAF Council approved their inclusion at the 2013 ISAF Annual Conference in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The Abu Dhabi Final last month was the first time kiteboarding was added to the program.

In Melbourne, the Men's and Women's kiteboarding fleet put on a spectacular exhibition at the Sandringham Yacht Club, under sunny skies and 20-knot winds.


Snow kiteboarding: cold and windy | Photo: Red Bull

The first ever Red Bull Kite Farm will be held in Regina, Canada, on the 14th February, 2015.

The Red Bull Kite Farm is an endurance snow kiteboarding contest taking place only three minutes northwest of Regina, off Highway 11, a location renowned to Saskatchewan kiters for its rolling prairie terrain and 30-foot cliff of powder leading into the creek bed.

The competition invites North American snow kiteboarders to test their racing skills against local talents, in a 50-kilometer challenge. The winners of the ski and snowboard divisions will win an all-expense paid trip to Norway to represent North America at Red Bull Ragnarok, in April 2015.