Kevin Langeree: a kite loop specialist at the Red Bull King of the Air | Photo: Van der Heide/Red Bull

Kevin Langeree has suffered an injury while training for the 2017 Red Bull King of the Air.

One week before the start of the most important big air kiteboarding competition in the world, the Dutch broke his ankle trying to land a kite loop in Cape Town, South Africa.

"There's a small fracture in my ankle, and I have to use a pair of crutches. It is going to take some time to heal, and I'm not sure if I'll be ready for King of the Air," explained Langeree.

Daniela Moroz: she won the Formula Kite World Championships and the Hydrofoil Pro Tour

Daniela Moroz has been announced as US Sailing's 2016 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year.

The 2016 Formula Kite world champion was born in Berkeley to Czech parents. Although she got into water sports via windsurfing, at 11 Moroz was already taking kiteboarding lessons on Sherman Island.

"I chose kiteboarding because this sport had really taken off. Soon after I began racing, the progression from raceboards to hydrofoil had started, and I followed that progression," explained Daniela Moroz.

Sam Light: winner of the 2016 Kite Park League | Photo: Bromwich/Triple-S Invitational

It's a wrap. The inaugural Kite Park League (KPL) season has come to an end.

The Kite Park League was created because there's more to kiteboarding than just ocean riding. Therefore, a group of wakeboarding, snowboarding, and kiteboarders decided to develop a championship that crowns kite park specialists. In other words, kiters who appreciate sliders and kickers.

Basically, the KPL compiles the results from several events and announces two overall champions. And the 2016 Kite Park League consisted of five events: the Blue Palawan Kiteboard Open, the Triple-S Invitational, the Slider Project, the Rail Masters Kite Jib Contest, and the Rhosneigr Park Jam.