Lewis Crathern: he jumped 22.3 meters in Ramsgate | Photo: LewisCrathern.com

Nine months after suffering a massive wipeout that put him in coma, Lewis Crathern broke the British record for the highest kite jump.

On the 22nd November, the kitesurfer from Worthing woke up at 5am, drove 120 miles to Ramsgate, and smashed his personal record, set a few days earlier in his hometown.

Crathern pushed the kite bar and jumped 22.3 meters up in the sky. He now holds the British kite jump record, leaped to second on the all-time Woo Leaderboard Europe, and sits sixth in the world rankings.

"I love strong 40 mph plus conditions and really feel I can go higher if we receive the 50/60 mph that dreams are made of!" explained Lewis Crathern, who will certainly continue to improve his personal best.

Nick Jacobsen holds the top spot on the Woo Leaderboard with an impressive 26.7-meter jump. The Danish kiteboarder has a comfortable advantage over Joshua Emanual, who flew 24.8 meters and sits in second place.å

Woo Kite Big Air Leaderboards | All-Time Top 10 (30th November)

1. Nick Jacobsen, 26.7 meters
2. Joshua Emanuel, 24.8 meters
3. Aaron Hadlow, 24.8 meters
4. Luke Thomas, 23.9 meters
5. Kevin Langeree, 22.9 meters
6. Lewis Crathern, 22.3 meters
7. Gijs Wassenaar, 22.1 meters
8. Sebastien Cattelan, 21.6 meters
9. Phil Morstad, 21.4 meters
10. Alex Caizergues, 21.2 meters

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