Fernando Paraud: he will be missed in kiteboarding

Fernando Paraud has passed away in the Illescas Peninsula, Peru. The kiteboarder was found dead in his beach house, with a gun near the body.

Fernando "Wawa" Paraud, a three-time Peruvian kitesurfing champion, had a bullet wound in the head.

The local authorities are studying all evidences. Pauraud could have commited suicide or may inadvertently shot himself while manipulating a gun.

Close friends also refer that Fernando Paraud has had a few land problems with people that didn't like him. But in his Facebook page, he posted a strange message: "it was a beautiful life, the time has come".

Recently, "Wawa" developed a photographic work about the touristic potential of Illescas, which was later declared a protected area.

Fernando "Wawa" Paraud started his career as a pro surfer and turned an avid kiteboarder, in 2002. As a surfer, Paraud won the Big Wave Invitational, in Peru, three times. One in Punta Rocas and two in Pico Alto.

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