Trainer kites: learn to fly with simple kites

Trainer kites have been designed for kiteboarding beginners. Learn to kiteboard with safe and easy to control kite.

A trainer kite is always a good investment. You can get into kiteboarding by testing the power of the wind with a good trainer kite.

These special kiteboarding kites are built with simple features. The kite itself, the bridle, the kite lines and the control bar.

Advanced trainer kite may also embed brake lines and a safety leash. You can quickly learn how to start kiteboarding with a trainer kite, by completing simple exercises in the wind window.

The Slingshot B3 is great a two-line trainer kite, with a lightweight aluminum control bar that comes in a compact storage bag. It also comes with a free instructional DVD.

The HQ Designs Rush 4 Pro trainer kite offers a very smooth and stable flying characteristics and comes with a third line for safety and reverse relaunching. Promises excellent light wind performance, too.

The Ocean Rodeo Ram Air comes ready to fly with a trainer kite bar and line set. Fun to fly for all ability levels, even a lot of fun with a skateboard in a large space.

The Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite promises to develop your kite control, as flying a kite is just like steering a bicycle.

The Sensei III 3M comes with bag, bar, handle and lines ready to fly. The kite has self-cleaning vents, so that any sand that gets in will automatically be dumped out.

The Prism Kites Tensor 3.1 is more than just a trainer. Tts wing is powerful but forgiving, with a smooth acceleration that doesn't bite and confident edge performance without collapsing like high-aspect race kites.

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The trainer kite review has been updated on the 8th April 2014.