Damien Leroy was second in the 2010 Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion

Billy Parker and Jessica Sickinger are the winners of the 2010 Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion, held in Jupiter, Florida, USA.

With nice blowing winds, the kiteboarding invasion was again concluded with absolute success.

Trey Sedalik won the Amateur competition, while Richie Gardner took the lead of the Masters division.

Finally, the Big Air award went to the kiteboarder Jeremy Lund.

Full Results:

Pro: 1) Billy Parker 2) Damien LeRoy 3) Matt Collins / Brandon Rowe
Amateur: 1) Trey Sedalik 2) Luke Nagashima 3) Brandon Cordina
Women: 1) Jessica Sickinger 2) Helga Goebel 3) Debbie Jackson
Masters: 1) Richie Gardner 2) Mike Carson 3) Victor Mathison
Big Air: 1) Jeremy Lund

Freddy kiteboarding in Puerto Rico

The Kiteboarding challenge will be held during the prestigious Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta and the Puerto Rico International Dinghy Regatta, to be held March 18, 19, 20 and 21, out of the beautiful new marina facilities at Palmas del Mar, in Humacao, located on the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico.

These sailing events attract some of the best big boat and dinghy sailors in the Caribbean - and the World.

This year's move back to where this prestigious and internationally acclaimed regatta got its start in 1977 as the 'Copa Velasco' comes little more than a year after the opening of the multi-million dollar Palmas del Mar Yacht Club Marina.

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KB4girls with Kristin Boese

With one successful event already held at August three weeks ago and the second clinic of the year in Melbourne, Australia, just around the corner KB4girls has just released the dates for the eight upcoming clinics of the 2010 World Tour.

Female kiteboarders in Australia, USA, Egypt, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK will have the chance to join one of the KB4girls events in their area while all other girls are welcome to join in too!

These non-profit events will be offering female kiteboarders around the world the opportunity to learn from Kristin Boese and her highly skilled co-trainers. Demonstrations on and off the water target key points for easier learning and guide the girls through trick progressions to fine tune their technique.

The chance to kite with other female riders offers a great learning ambience, motivates and inspires the participants at the same time helps the girls’ kite-boarding movement flourish.

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