2009 PKRA Germany 

You don’t need a weatherman to determine wind strength and direction, all you have to do is lick a finger, hold it in the air and see which side dries first. This was exactly the case today in St. Peter-Ording, Germany.

Around 7:00 am, there was an overcast sky with moderate winds coming from the west.  A couple of hours later during the 9:30 am skippers meeting, low laying storm clouds brought heavy rainsqualls and strong powerful winds which would later in the day progress to approximately 40 knots. The temperature averaged 19°Celsius.

It was a perfect wind condition for the kite loop king, Ruben Lenten who was yet again “On The Loose” showing off his super sick mega loops to the fascinated crowd of spectators on the beach.

At 10am, the judges were in place as the horn blew, announcing the beginning of the first of 41 heats.

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Collin McCulloch 

Colin McCulloch, the legendary Airush and Lost Cause board designer, passed away after a 18 month battle against a brain tumour.

He will remembered as one of the most talented shapers in the world.

Kiteboarding world champion Aaron Hadlow was one of the many athletes to ride Colin McCulloch's boards.

Lost Cause has grown to be one of the UK’s most influential and innovative brands in this dynamic and fast-developing sport.

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2009 PKRA Germany 

Overcast skies hovered the competition site this morning and temperatures gradually reached a comfortable 21° Celsius.  The gentle breeze that blew during the morning would eventually dictate the day’s events, reaching a maximum of only 15 knots which was below PKRA standards.

A lot of the tourists visiting the Kitesurf World Cup 2009 got a dose of sunshine while visiting the 12 km long by 2 km wide beach.

PKRA race director Olaf Van Tol announced during the 10:00 am riders meeting that the course races will be held in the morning followed by the freestyle events in the afternoon in anticipation of a more favorable wind forecast.

PKRA racers led by Kite Masters champion Bruno Sroka made their way to the starting line as kiteboarding enthusiasts cheered from the beach.  Two races were completed for the day which wrapped up around 1:00 pm.

After seven races, still unbeaten Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA) extends his lead further by dominating today’s races yet again, crossing the line ahead of everyone else. He is now almost 14 points ahead of his nearest competitor, Olivier Dansin (North, FRA), who made a surprising comeback. The French rider trailed Sroka to the finish line along with North teammate Dirk Hanel in an ultimately exciting first race of the day. The two North riders were neck-and-neck in the first race, crossing the finish line at the same time. Rallying to second place overall with 18 points, Dansin managed to elevate his overall standing via a second place win in the last race of the day while Hanel dropped to third place overall as a result of a 5th place finish in the last race.

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