Hannah Whitely

Toby Raw and Hannah Whitely have been crowned winners of the first round of the British Kite Surfing Association held Swansea, South Wales.

With Aaron Hadlow at the beach and a continuous changing weather - the Swansea stage saw rain, rays of sun and grey clouds - it was a really challenging competition.

Final Pro results:


1. Toby Raw
2. Sam Light
2. Ali Barrett


1. Hannah Whitely 1st
2. Nicky Rudd
3. Sarah Sylvester

Bruna Kajiya

The 2009 Kiteboard Open - biggest kitesurfing event in the Netherlands - is ready to kick off in 31st May and 1st June. Cesar Portas and Bruna Kajiya have confirmed they will be at the 2009 Kiteboard Open.

The village of Noordwijk, in the western Netherlands/province of South Holland will host several contests and beach lifestyle events.

The Kiteboard Open is entering its 5th edition. Pro and rookie kiters will certainly enjoy the Noordwijk beaches, where kiteboarding is very popular.

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2009 Kiteival will be held in Mauritius

The 2009 Kiteival will be held from 31st of July to 08th of August in different stages around Mauritius in one Event!

Kiteival’s Technical Director is Nico Kux (Sindbad Ltd) our National Kite Instructor, IKO and BKSA Certified. Nico has introduced kite surf in Mauritius and organized several kite surf events and festivals. He has also successfully participated in international kite surf events and competitions.

He is assisted by Albert d’Unienville of Naïade Events who has a solid experience in the organization of major international and local (sports) events in Mauritius. With the support of Naïade Resorts, one of the leading hotel groups in the Indian Ocean, who owns resorts hotels strategically situated all around Mauritius, Kiteival has the full potential to become a fantastic annual kite surf event.

Come and kite on some of the best spots in the world and discover the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius with KITEIVAL!

Prior to each Competition there will be fantastic down winders across the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius among the best spots in the world!
Event/Competition for riders who take the challenge will be on:

KITEIVAL Stages and Events – General description

Exact stages dates and planning of the week (Planning of Kiteival’s Week) will be fixed according to local coastal weather forecast and conditions. This planning will be communicated to all participants at time of briefing and final registration on the 31.07.09 at 18h30. Riding conditions may vary on the different coasts according to anticyclone’s position which will influence wind direction and strength. Kiteival’s Organizing Committee wants to take full advantage of the weather conditions in order to offer perfect conditions to participants during the different stages.