2009 Dakine Weymouth Speed Week

Jason McCaffrey was the fastest man of the 2009 Dakine Weymouth Speed Week, held in the United Kingdom.

The British kitesurfer reached 31.56 knots, leaving Richard Fabbri, also a kiteboarder, in the second place with 30.40 knots. The kiteboarders were faster.

Windsurfer Patrick Van Hoof was third overall and the fastest man in a sailboard at Weymouth.

The fastest woman was Zara Davis, in a sailboard (27.30 knots), while kiteboarder Jenny Cooper reached 24.01 knots.

A final note for the Juniors. They are sailing really fast.

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A kitesurfer and two Canadian Coast Guard members had to swim through harsh sea conditions, after a rescue mission went wrong and a boat was destroyed.

Rescuers found Gray Robinson in trouble, near Tofino, British Columbia, Canada, and tried to push him into the Zodiac rescue boat.

But then, everything went wrong. Robinson's equipment got entangled in the vessel's propeller and the three overhead-sized waves were not helping.

In a couple of minute, everyone jumped off the Zodiac and the boat smashed against rocks.

The kitesurfer swam to shore, while the Coast Guard members reached a rocky outcrop through big waves and then by land to the beach. Fortunately, there were no major injuries.

Louis Tapper

Louis Tapper could not complete the 260 km kitesurfing trip from Auckland to the Bay of Islands because wind dropped dramatically just 13 km from the finish line.

The 35-year-old Wellington kitesurfer spent 6 hours waiting for the wind to help him reach his goal, but the conditions were not by his side.

Tapper started his race in the 2009 Coastal Classic, just minutes before the other yachts, in order to raise funds for the people of Samoa which has been devastated by the recent tsunami and earthquakes.

Kiteboarders Louis Tapper and Alistair Quinn had already successfully crossed the Cook Strait, in New Zealand.