2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships

Paulino Pereira has conquered the 2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships - Freestyle and Course Racing - after another amazing win in the last event of the Portuguese Tour, held at Nova Vaga Beach, in Costa da Caparica.

These are the final results:

Course Racing (Men) at Nova Vaga:
1st Paulino Pereira - ROYAL Kiteboarding / BOARDERCLUBPORTUGAL / WindSpirit / Brisas e Ventanias
2nd Gonçalo Gomes - NAISH / VIANALOCALS / ION / Holmes Place / Bomcar
2nd Jorge Balau - ROYAL Kiteboarding / BOARDERCLUBPORTUGAL

Freestyle (Men) at Nova Vaga:
1st Paulino Pereira - ROYAL Kiteboarding / BOARDERCLUBPORTUGAL / WindSpirit / Pulse
2nd Danilo Nacarato - ABOARDS Kiteboarding / JFontainhas / Slingshot RPM / maresias.com.pt
3rd Gonçalo Gomes - NAISH / VIANALOCALS / ION / Holmes Place / Bomcar

Freestyle (Junior Men)
1st Francisco Fernandes - GUSTYKITE / Globe Kites / Pat Love
2nd Inês Correia
3rd José Leitmann

In the end, Paulino Pereira, the kiteboarder from the Madeira Island, got the best overall result.
He is the new Portuguese Kitesurfing Champion.

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KPWT Canada in Shippagan

Registration day invited over 35 internationals from 15 different countries all making the trip to compete for the respective disciplines: Wave Masters, Freestyle, Kiteloop, Course Racing and Siders.

Cyclone “Bill” is forecasted for today, with strong gusty winds around 30-35 knots and 3 meter swells.

There is huge excitement amongst all riders and everyone involved for this new stage on the KPWT. Some big names on the tour came down to register their names in this historic event up North.

Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA), Abel Lago (SPA, RRD) and Wave Master 2008 World Champion Mitu Monteiro (DOM REP, F-ONE) all came down to compete in the Waves.

Shippagan is renowned for good wind and accommodate those looking for flat water and some good waves.

Yesterday when we arrived it was a good temperature of 35°C, but today due to the storm pulling in, its dropped off a little.

Tonight there is a party at the “Kredo”. And tomorrow the opening ceremony will be held at the Chiasson Office. There is promise of a huge barbecue, some local beverages and all riders and teams are invited.

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2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships

The 2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships will be decided in Costa da Caparica, after two stages of the Freestyle championship (Viana do Castelo and Faro) and 3 stages of the Course Racing event (Viana, Faro and Murtosa).

The competition will be held in the Nova Vaga beach and the final rankings will be finally known.

The wind forecast unveils better conditions for Sunday.

Saturday night, there will be a party offered by Bar Tartaruga.

Sunday ends with delivery of the titles to this year's Course Racing and Freestyle winners.