2009 PKRA Brazil

Fresh from a ten-day rest after the Germany Tour stop, the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) – the world renowned kiteboard riders association is back in Brazil for a 5-day Tour stop.

Organized by the Gest Group led by Eduardo Piloni as General Coordinator, Kite-Racing Brasil 2009 will run until August 16, featuring world-class kiteboard racers and some of the best Brazilian racers the kiteboarding world had ever seen.

Yesterday’s registration drew a ton of participants from different nationalities including the largest delegation from Brazil with 18 male competitors and 3 women racers. The local racers will get a chance to test their skills against the experienced and the best racers in the world.

Before the start of the races, gloomy weather conditions dominated the area with occasional rains pouring in, turning into cloudy, overcast sky between 9:00 am and 10:00 am. However, the sun finally showed up in time during the afternoon to end a perfect day.

The PKRA crew did an excellent job in setting up an interesting course for Day 1, with short upwind sailing, some tight reaches and some broad reaches.

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KPWT France

The first heats kicked off around 1pm and saw Peter Tyushkevic (RUS,FLEXIFOIL) face the local Martin Debruyne (Triple-C).

Peter started with a cool 313 followed by a smooth slim chance and held strong throughout his heat, leaving his opponent floating in the first round.

Vincent Tiger (FRA, F-ONE) matched up against Pierre Romain (FRA, NORTH) for the heat of the day in my opinion. Both looking quite good, but I think Vincent’s blind judge 3 took the round from Pierre and he progressed.

During the heat Vincent was flying downwind and everyone held their breath thinking he was going to cross over the competition area and into the “arrest” zone that the water police had demarcated. He pulled out last minute thank goodness!

The freestyle heats were stopped, as the wind had dropped off a little and the race director quickly shifted to course racing. The course was set out in a “banana” shape and the riders pumped their bigger kites and prepped their racing boards for the start.

Riders had colored and numbered lycras to identify them, they had to also register their kite colors and brands to the beach marshal to prevent any confusion.

The course was set out over about 6 minute laps and 2 laps were run for the first and only race for the day.


1. Jesse Richman (HAW,CABRINHA)
2. Abel Lago (SPA, RRD)
3. Olivier Dansin (FRA, NORTH)

1. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
2. Ainhoa Garcia (SPA, AIRUSH)
3. Ania Grzelinska (POL, NORTH)

Long Bay will host the 2010 KPWT Jamaica

World famous Long Bay Surfing Beach in East Portland has been selected as the venue for the 2010 Jamaica Kiteboard World Cup. The event is one of the Kiteboarding Pro World Tour Circuit dates and will see the world’s top kiteboarders in action over a 10 day period during March 2010.

The event is being staged by Jamrock Tours with financial support from the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP), a joint initiative of the European Union and the Government of Jamaica. 2010 Jamaica Kiteboard World Cup is expected to play a major role in legitimizing Long Bay as a first class destination for Kiteboard enthusiasts’ and help to reestablish East Portland as one of the island’s popular tourist destinations.

Since the 1960’s, Long Bay in Portland with its pristine white sand beach and crystal clear water has been a destination of choice for countless visitors seeking a Caribbean paradise getaway. In recent years however tourist arrivals have fallen off drastically. Boasting over a quarter of a million practitioners worldwide, a dose of kiteboarding may well be the medication needed to heal the parish’s ailing tourism industry.

Jamrock Tours holds a five year contract as local organizers of the event and anticipates major visitor arrivals to the parish as a result of the contest. Long Bay with its consistent swells and dependable trade wind is ideally suited for the fastest growing extreme sport of Kiteboarding.

As an official date on the world circuit the event will be closely followed by international media and receive full coverage throughout the Kiteboarding world.

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