Damien Leroy

Damien Leroy and Stacey Fonas have won the 2009 Miami Kitemasters freestyle competition this past weekend at Crandon Park, FL.

In the men\'s final, Alex Fox was second and Thibault Michiels third.

Stacey edged out Melissa Gil in the finals on her 9.5m Kahoona, impressing the judges with a huge kiteloop and aggressive riding style.

She also finished 3rd in the course racing part of the event. Stacey is Best’s team manager and is an inspiring female rider in the US kiteboarding competition scene.

Keep your eye out for her at upcoming events!

Finally, Mike Gebhardt and Melissa Gil won the 2009 Miami Kitemastes course racing competition.

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Kitesurfing simulator created in Belgium

Belgium entrepreneurs from "Surf and Fly" have created an innovative kitesurfing simulator perfect for teaching kiteboarding in a river or open sea.

The first kitesurf simulator is built in a boat and stands two meters above the kiteboarder, in order to imitate a true kite ride and sailing changes produced by the wind.

You can test the kitesurfing simulator in Knokke, Belgium. The reservations can be made from June till September.

Sam Medysky

Best Kiteboarding is pleased to announce the addition of 3-time Canadian Champion Sam Medysky to its International Team. Although the word "pleased" doesn't quite sum it up ... "excited, thrilled, over the moon" would be a bit more accurate.

Additionally, Sam also joins the International team of Balance Riders Philosophy, the Best-distributed board of choice for some of the top riders in the world, the perfect synergy of a high-performance rider with high-performance gear.

Eighteen-year-old Sam started riding in 1999 at the age of nine, and has been on the kite scene since practically day one. He first appeared on our radar at the 2004 Velocity Games - a quiet little kid with a lot of promise, winning first place in the freestyle Juniors division.

Over the years, we've watched him grow up in the industry, and watched his commitment to the sport and his level of riding explode. Most recently, Sam won the 2009 Jupiter Kite Invasion in Florida, and scored a wildcard spot in Real Kiteboarding's Triple S being held on May 3rd-June 6th.

Sam is a career kiter, in it for the long haul, who lives and breathes kiteboarding full time. He spends his summers running Kiterider Canada, the kiteschool started by his father, and his winters training in Brazil and Mexico, and attending every competition he can get to in between.

Although his main interest lies in pure stylish wakestyle riding and kickers and sliders, Sam is also a talented course racer and will be competing along with teammate Kristin Boese at the Kite Course Racing World Championship in San Francisco in August.

With his extremely likeable personality, his sense of humour, his impressive riding, and an innate ability to influence, we're very proud to finally add Sam Medysky to our roster of International Team Riders, along with Shannon Best, Alvaro Onieva, Kristin Boese, Miguel Willis, Joe Ruscito, and Alex Brown.

In addition to being sponsored by Best and Balance, Sam is also sponsored by Rogue Wave Custom Raceboards, Dakine, O'Neill and Kiterider.ca.

Source: Best Kiteboarding