Big airs in kiteboarding: speed means more hang time | Photo: Red Bull King of the Air

Kiteboarding jumps require a lot of training, knowledge of the wind, timing and control. Know when it's time to pull the bar to fly high, and max out your hang time.

Remember that speed is critical if you're aiming at the biggest kiteboarding air of all time. The faster you ride, the higher you'll fly. So find a nice flat water spot, free of obstacles, with steady winds.

Details matter. For example, getting your shoulders even or behind your hips will give you edge control and higher jumps. Shoulders must also move in the direction you're flying.


Cabrinha: keeping control systems safe

Do you own 2015 Cabrinha 1X or Overdrive 1X Control systems? The kiteboarding has discovered a manufacturing defect in production, and decided to issue a product recall.

All 1X and Overdrive 1X control systems (KS5CSSDOD, KS51XCSFX) manufactured before August 1st should be corrected at Cabrinha's authorized dealers.

"We have discovered, in a very small number of cases that the internal diameter of the bungee guide does not meet our specification, due to an unauthorized modification by Cabrinha's supplier," the brand explains.


Oliver Bridge: the future of kiteboarding | Photo: Bogo/

Oliver Bridge and Elena Kalinina are the new king and queen of European kiteboarding. They've won the 2014 Formula Kite European Championship, at Mielno, Poland.

With winds ranging between one and five knots, the medal races were not run, and the Championship was officially closed.

Oliver Bridge successfully defended his top podium spot secured in the previous races. The young British kiteboarder was crowned European champion in three categories: Under 18, Under 21 and Open Men. A stunning achievement.