Ruakaka beach

Even though it is a young sport Kiteboarders have been living and riding in the Ruakaka area since 2000. Over this time the number of riders has grown, but still is relatively small with 10 local riders and a similar number based in Whangarei that drive out when conditions are right.

Kiteboarding has a very low environmental impact; it uses very little equipment, doesn’t burn fuel and makes no noise.

Many of us choose this sport over the likes of wakeboarding or jet skiing for just these reasons. We also have little interaction with other beach users, as we require around 12knots of wind to start riding and prefer 18knots.

Most beach users will know it is very unpleasant to fish, swim or kayak on any beach that has a stiff on-shore breeze blowing. Ruakaka river mouth is a very special riding environment for kiteboarders, with the enclosed water way giving smooth water, the outer bar giving us clean waves all the while being open to the strong winds we enjoy.

This location is not just ‘some place to ride’ it is in fact a world class, best you can get type of location – not unlike Shipwreck bay in Ahipara is for surfers. However to Kiteboard at Ruakaka River mouth we require both a high tide and a moderate to strong Easterly wind.

In any given year the total number days Mother Nature gives us with just these right conditions are around 25. On these 25 days we will average 3 hours of ridable time before the tide drops. Given an average of 12 hours of daylight per day, 365 days in the year, kiteboarders can use this location less than 2% of the time. For the other 98% of the year we simply go to beaches better suited to other wind directions.

Usually the numbers of riders out at Ruakaka on any given E wind is 4-5, on weekends this sometimes rises to 10-12 but this is rare rather than the rule.

As a group Ruakaka kiteboarders are well aware of the importance of the Ruakaka estuary as a wildlife refuge, to this end we have put in place a set of guidelines since 2005 to protect this area, these include: - Stay off the sand dunes. - Rig up and land kites as close to the waters edge as possible. - Do not fly kites over the dunes or wildlife. - Keep your kite at 45degrees out to sea when walking up the beach. - Stay a safe distance from other beach users.

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IKA defines the World Kiteboarding Ranking

The current world ranking, or better said "virtual world ranking" is our approach to reflect competition kiteboarding results from last season, and to transform them into a fair ranking in 2009.

For this "virtual" ranking we took the overall ranking position of each rider in the KPWT and the PKRA rankings in each discipline, and scored them as follows:

- points for four freestlye super grand slams (factor 9) from both KPWT and PKRA rankings

- points for four racing grand slams (factor 4)

- points for two wave grand slams (factor 4)

- points for one speed grand slam (factor 4)

Due to the points model this resulted in the rankings for each discipline, and an overall ranking.

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Coconet Classic 2009 

This year the Coconet Classic will be holding both a freestyle kitesurfing competition (open to all competitors) and the National Kitesurfing Titles. So whether you’re a serious competitor or a social rider the Coconet Classic is for you.The event is scheduled to 8th-12th April, in Boyne Island / Tannum Sands. 

Anyone can enter the freestyle competition simply by going to the sign up section, entering your details and paying your registration fees.

If you’re interested in competing in the nationals, you must get your pre-qualifying forms in before the end of February.

To pre-qualify, simply download the form under the picture and email it back. Once you’ve been notified by the AKSA as a pre-qualifier, you’re free to register and pay in the sign up section.

Entry is just $125 and gets you:
Entry into the kitesurfing competition (you can enter both formats
at no extra cost)
BBQ for 4 days
Free ticket into the Coconet Classic Music Festival
Share in prizes

What do I do once selected as a qualifier for the nationals?
Once you’re selected as a qualifier, you will then need to register and pay online, simply by going to the sign up section. After you’ve signed up, you’ll receive your confirmation and receipt via email, together with you music festival ticket.

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