Red Bull Ragnarok 2015: the world's biggest and toughest snow kite contest | Photo: Grimsæth/Red Bull

Only four kiteboarders out of 300 riders were able to complete the 2015 Red Bull Ragnarok, in Norway.

The world's biggest and toughest snow kite contest attracted athletes from 28 countries to the icy mountain plains of Hardangervidda. And this year's edition was a very difficult one.

The 100-kilometer course was shortened by one lap, and run in decreasing wind conditions. Only the top 3 men riding on skis and the winner of the men's snowboard division, Sigve Botnen, were able to cross the finish line.

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Kite schools: teaching how to ride a kite is an enormous responsibility | Photo: Kite Club Cabarete

Kiteboarding is an exciting sport, but it can be dangerous if you don't follow basic rules and guidelines. That is why teaching how to ride a kite should follow a few strict guidelines.

Wind is a powerful force. Its destructive and sometimes unpredictable behavior can easily kill humans while they're having fun. Unfortunately, dozens of kiteboarders have lost their lives while sailing in coastal regions and open seas.

Learning how to kiteboard in a certified kite school is mandatory. What if there weren't specific rules for kitesurfing schools? Who would decide who's a professional kite instructor? Is there a standard rule book for kitesurfing lessons?

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Kiteboarding: check your equipment before you go | Photo: Naish

Kiteboarding involves a lot of gear. Sometimes, our brain forgets a few essential accessories. Without them, we can easily miss the session of our dreams. Print this kite equipment checklist.

It's the ultimate kiteboarders checklist. Kiteboarding has so many large and small equipment items that it is hard not to leave something behind. With time, we think we've packed everything but then, we forget that irreplaceable kite pump.

Check it before you go. Here's the complete kiteboarding gear list:

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