Kiteboarding: the new World Kite Tour has a dispute with IKA | Photo: PKRA

The World Kite Tour (WKT) have announced a lawsuit against the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

First, the rebranding. The organization previously known as PKRA, VKWC and PKT has changed its name. Once again. In 2016, the circuit will no longer be led by the Virgin Group, and will run under a new insignia: World Kite Tour (WKT).

But the war in kiteboarding continues. The newly-formed World Kite Tour (WKT) will defend its interest in court as the ongoing dispute with IKA doesn't seem to end.

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Kiteboarding: World Sailing warns IFKO | Photo: IKA

The world governing body for the sport of sailing has requested the International Federation of Kitesports Organizations (IFKO) to stop claiming its relationship with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Andy Hunt, the CEO of World Sailing, asked the newly-founded IFKO to remove and cease to publish any information which associates the organization with IOC and plans for the sport of kiteboarding. The news was revealed in International Kiteboarding Association's website.

"IFKO is not currently a member of SportAccord and, therefore, has no formal recognition. A prerequisite for membership is that the applicant's sport is different from any sport that is governed by a current SportAccord member," explains Mirco Babini, president of IKA.

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Virgin Kitesurfing Armada: 415 riders in South Africa | Photo: Kitesurfing Armada

South Africa's Virgin Kitesurfing Armada set a new Guinness World Record for the largest parade of kitesurfers, in Table View, Cape Town.

The weather conditions were simply perfect, and the crowd on the beach was ready for a historic moment. And when 415 kiteboarders completed the one-mile course between Dolphin Beach and Doodles, celebrations erupted.

"We always hoped the Kitesurfing Armada in Cape Town would be spectacular. And it didn't let us down. It was an amazing day. The wind couldn't have been better and the view of hundreds of kiters together in front of Table Mountain was awesome," expressed Dan Charlish, director of the Kitesurfing Armada.

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