KTA Vietnam

2010 is up and running and so of course is the KTA tour as we head for round three at Mui Ne in Vietnam at the end of this month.

Mui Ne is a well established kiteboard destination in Asia and one with a reputation for regular strong wind conditions, so be sure to also pack your small kites if you are thinking of heading there to compete.

The KTA Vietnam will be running from the 28th – 31st January on the beachfront that runs between the C2Sky kite centre at the Sunshine Beach Resort and Sankara. C2Sky are the KTA’s main local organiser and are the people who can help you out with accommodation, transfers and even visas.

Their details are and information is all listed on the Vietnam tour stop page for you. Sankara are the events headline local sponsor for the Vietnam round and will also play a key part during the event providing the parties and hospitality for the riders.

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IKA has prohibited KPWT events and competitors

The following events are considered to fall under ISAF regulation 19.4.1 - prohibited events. Taking part in any of these events may lead to suspension of ISAF eligibility.

Competitors taking part in the events listed below will be reported to their National Association and to the ISAF Executive Committee, which will decide about the suspension.

The minimum time for suspension of ISAF eligibility is 3 years, and in that period competitors may not take part in any official ISAF/class events. This includes at the time being any events of the PKRA (Professional Kite Riders Association), KTE (Kite Tour Europe), KTA (Kite Tour Asia) and the events of the national member associations of the IKA including their national events and championships.

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Kiteboarding is still divided by two walls: PKRA and KPWT

Kiteboarding, as fast growing world sport, lives days of thunder.

Right now, we have two major kite competitions at the same time: PKRA and KPWT. Both of them have stops in the same countries and, sometimes, even in the same beach.

There are world champions for two tastes. Despite the passing of time, managers of PKRA and KPWT could not unite efforts and bring a true modern and spectacular kiteboarding world tour. But, the problems do not end here.

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