Maartje Theadora: surely the biggest kiteboarder in the world

The SkySails-System was successfully placed into operation aboard Germany’s largest fishing vessel – the ROS-171 “Maartje Theadora” – on the North Sea near Ijmuiden, Netherlands on March 8th, 2010.

This innovative SkySails wind-propulsion system will henceforth help save large amounts of fuel and emissions. The maiden voyage of the ROS-171 “Maartje Theadora” with SkySails propulsion, which will take the ship across the Atlantic to South America and then into the South Pacific, heralds the use of regenerative energy sources in deep-sea fishing.

“As one of Europe’s biggest fishing companies, we consider it an important duty to not only promote sustainable fishing, but to take a leading role in making it a reality. For us, sustainable in this context means acting in a manner that makes both good economic and ecological sense.

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KB4girls: Kristin Boese, as a teacher

The 3rd edition of the KB4girls Tour 2010 is rapidly approaching and set to take place in the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii from April 9 to 11.

With its amazing kiteboarding conditions, the emerald waters of Maui promise a great venue for the event and offer participating girls a chance to bring their kiteboarding skills to the next level. The KB4girls Maui date is the first of three American events in the 2010 tour schedule, offering female kiters from around the United States the chance to join and learn from the champ.

The Kite Club Maui will be supporting the event as a local organizer to ensure the girls have everything they need, just as with last year's clinic with Kristin Boese on Maui. Gretta Kruesi will also be on the team for the KB4girls Maui clinic and will help promote the event as well as co-instruct and support Kristin during the event, which will be an important part of the camp.

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Kitesurf Tour Europe: yes, it's IKA sanctioned

For 2010 we like to invite the best kiteboarders to compete for the European Championship in Freestyle Kiteboarding. The series will be called Kitesurf Tour Europe (KTE).

Since 2002, the Kitesurf Trophy created in Germany offers riders a highly professional platform to compete. The sanctioning of the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) encouraged us to share this know-how with the european kiteboarding community by organising and promoting the first ever european continental championship.

Therefore we are happy to share the next season with some of the most professional events in Europe:

- Kitesurf Tour Europe, Podersdorf (Austria) May 6th - 9th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing
- Kiteboard Open, Noordwijk (Netherlands) May 22nd -24th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing
- KiteRace WorldCup Westerland (Germany) June 22nd- 27th
o Price Money: 20.000€ Freestyle; 10.000€ Racing
- Kitesurf Tour Europe, Lake Silvaplana (Switzerland) July 2nd - 4th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing
- Kitesurf Tour Europe, Swinoujscie (Poland) August 25th-29th
o Price Money: 5.000€ Freestyle; 2.500€ Racing

This championship series is the correspondent tour to the Kite Tour Asia (KTA) and is encouraging other continental series for a regional and global growing of the competing community. Kitesurf Tour Europe means:

- for the kiteboarding community: More riding with less travel but reasonable price money and media presence. More international events to promote the sport also on national level
- for the sponsors: The series offers more kiteboarding with less costs but more media presence due to the newly established national identification of professional athletes with their home countries and TV-spectators

The Championship is designed to host the best riders of Europe and is "international open".