Richard Branson supports the BVI Kite Jam

As BVI Kite Jam quickly approaches, leading star athletes of the kiteboarding world have been confirmed to compete and participate in the March 1-5, 2010 event in the British Virgin Islands.

The BVI Tourist Board, along with the support of Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, are proud to announce the following accomplished international kiteboarders lending their skill, enthusiasm and professionalism to this exciting five-day event.

Kristin Boese – This world champion of multiple disciplines has brought kiteboarding to the masses with her alluring media presence, two instructional books and a DVD on kiteboarding, and continues to motivate female kiters and athletes around the globe.

Susi Mai – This 23-year-old from Cabarete, Dominican Republic, has been turning heads with her aggressive riding style and contest results on the pro tour. She is a 3-time winner of the Red Bull Queen of the Air title and holds consecutive worldwide titles.

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Kitecycle is recycling old kites into new handbags

Kitecycle is recycling old kites from kiteboarders around the world in order to produce new bags for several purposes.

The company collects obsolet kiteboarding gear and the transforms it to strong, light, water resistant and machine washable handbags.

They accept any donation. From C kites to the latest model, the idea is to have several donation centers where sports enthusiasts can also start being eco-friendly stars.

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Maartje Theadora is ready to deliver fish by kite propulsion

Diederik Parlevliet, the Chief Executive Officer of Parlevliet & Van der Plas B.V., one of the largest European fishing companies with headquarters in Katwijk in the Netherlands, and Stephan Wrage, the Managing Director of SkySails, signed a purchase agreement for the world’s first towing-kite wind propulsion system to be installed on a fishing trawler.

SkySails propulsion is scheduled to be placed in operation early 2010 aboard the ROS-171 “Maartje Theadora” fishing vessel.

“We are looking forward to significant fuel savings by using the SkySails-System, particularly during those extended transfer runs to the African coast and in the South Pacific, not to mention the potential savings during actual fishing operations,” says Diederik Parlevliet, “while at the same time enabling us to reduce enormous amounts of CO2 emissions and make a big contribution to safeguarding the climate.”

At 141 meters in length, the “Maartje Theadora” is Germany’s largest fishing vessel and is operated by the Sassnitz-based Westbank Hochseefischerei GmbH, a member of the Parlevliet & Van der Plas Group. The ship has two MaK main engines that produce a total of 8,640 kW of power. The vessel will be fitted with a 160m2 SkySails propulsion system like those already in use on cargo ships.

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