2010 La Ventana Classic | Photo: TheKiteboarder.com

The final day of the 2010 La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo was a huge one! The day began with an early 25-30 knot El Norte Wind that wiped away all bad memories of the light wind earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, the 2-mile SUP race was scheduled to happen this morning, and the racers were forced to slog their way upwind in extreme conditions. The finishers claimed that the 2-mile race was more difficult than the 12 mile island crossing! Pam Young was the only woman to finish the course after 1 hour and 45 minutes on the water!

Next on the agenda was the Kiteboarding Course Racing, which gave the spectators on the beach quite a show with all 25 competitors crowding the line at the starts. All-around good guy Damien LeRoy proved himself to be the fastest of the men while Cynthia Brown came out on top for the women.

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Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion

The 2010 Jupiter Kite Invasion has gone through a massive overhaul in its format. To make the event as simple as possible, there will be a single entry fee for the events.

There will be an amateur/professional and mens/womens division that will be split at the event. We will run events pending weather conditions and number of entries. Below are the basic details for each event.

Big Air Expression Session – Each heat will have 10-15 riders in a 20 minute expression session. This will include both best kiteloop and overall best trick. All jumps must be done over the jump buoy!

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For the first time The KPWT are proud to announce that they will host an event at the magnificent destination of Lanzarote.

The Lanzarote Kitepro Santa 2010 is a 4 star Grand Slam Event counting towards the world Title for 2010.

The event will run from the 1st to the 6th of June 2010 and boast a pot of 40 000Euros prize money! The disciplines to be held will be Freestyle, Wave Masters and Junior.

The Kiteboard Pro World Tour and La Santa Surf are pleased to bring you the Lanzarote Kiteboard Pro. It's a longterm strategy between the KPWT and La Santa Surf.

Famara, Lanzarote is a highly regarded location for good waves, great Freestyle, good wind and superb weather. Famara occupies the North West coast of Lanzarote and occupies a large curving bay with kilometres of beaches.

Seis: This is a big step in the right direction for Lanzarote Kiteboarding and tourism in the area. We are proud to be working with the KPWT and happy to promote the area on an international scale. I welcome all riders to our wonderful destination here in Lanzarote and we look forward to hosting a World Tour event.”

The KPWT will encourage many top international riders to Lanzarote, all looking to push their rankings on the World Tour and use this wonderful kiteboarding location to their advantage!

This is an exciting new step for the KPWT and for Lanzarote Tourism and we are happy to promote the sport within this wonderful kiteboarding region.